About Us

Jobe Publishing, Inc., was established in February 1998 with the purchase of The Butler County Banner-Green River Republican in Morgantown, Ky.,  papers with origins dating to 1864. The company now serves communities throughout South Central Kentucky with hometown newspapers in Barren, Butler, Hart, Metcalfe and Monroe counties.

As well, JPI Publishing is a full-service web and sheet-fed book and bindery publishing company with more than 36 years of personal, business, and industrial printing experience. Niche products include tourist guides, local and regional magazines, books, and we have now grown to offer online access to our publishing products. Our operations are housed in six local offices located in the downtown business areas in the communities we serve, with a 23,000 sq. ft. production facility located on five acres in Horse Cave, Ky.

Jobe Publishing, Inc., is the fastest-growing family-owned single generation newspaper company in Kentucky.  From that first single purchase in 1998, the company has grown to now owning and/or printing 15 hometown and regional newspapers, several full-color, glossy professionally-bound magazines, and has assisted in publishing more than 40 books for churches, businesses and individual authors.

The JPI Newspaper Division has shown consistent growth, even as other companies have experienced falling advertising and circulation revenue. JPI has grown in our communities because as advertising dollars get tight, businesses and managers must choose where to receive the best value within their budgets. They go where there is value, and this means readers in the community newspaper industry.  Advertisers are choosing value and quality in their advertising budgets, and enjoy the personal relationships we build in the JPI community. Being the first buy in our region is very important to the company, and this is why JPI continues to offer more.

Nobody offers more paid subscribers in the communities JPI serves. Our combined household delivery and single-copy circulation approach gives each local newspaper a penetration rate in excess of 80 percent. The grouping of our counties provides JPI Newspapers a reach into a population of more than 90,000 South Central Kentuckians.

“Finally, the daily newspapers have stopped pretending to be a local source for news in our region; they realize that where they sell 300 newspapers, we sell 5,000,” said Jeff Jobe, JPI President/CEO. Jobe has managed the publishing company since 1998, and believes the JPI future is stronger and brighter today more than ever before.

This strength has not come without some long, hard work days for Jobe and the JPI staff. In an uncertain market, a company must always look for ways to better serve customers and this is what JPI does best. When others simply raise rates to drive revenue, JPI has been successful in finding efficiencies to keep the costs to our customers and subscribers flat.

With the purchase, in 2004, of Cave Country Newspapers — a family owned newspaper company previously owned by the A.C. Wilson family — JPI now prints, inserts and distributes all of its own publications. It also offers those same services for other family publishers in the region. The efficiencies found in running our own printing facility is key to holding down rates, but a company must always look for more.

Over the 58 years of ownership by the Wilsons, Cave Country Newspapers had in place not only four community newspapers, but a full-service printing company called the Cave Country Print Shop. The print shop had a long and established list of customers itself, and because of the new focus by the merger with JPI it is now a stand alone operation in many ways. Its profit margins are mirroring the newspaper divisions, and this comes in a very competitive time in the print industry.

Because our newspapers are managed by journalism and publishing professionals, you know there is no slant to the truth. By this, the company means, “If we cover a story about your family you can be assured it will be covered when the same thing happens to one of our own.”  According to Jobe, it is often sad but true many media sources pick and choose their stories because of political or family ties; this is a serious accusation, and one JPI will not allow to happen to them.

The partnership with Cave Country Newspapers and JPI soon allowed the company to buy another newspaper competitor in 2005 — the Edmonton Herald News, Inc. Bringing another community into the fold is helping JPI secure markets where growth is sure to come.

This partnership of what used to be three family businesses into one has poised Jobe Publishing, Inc., to not only hold and maintain real local coverage, but by grouping the operations, we not only reach the readers and shoppers in our own communities, but also those Glasgow and Bowling Green businesses need to attract.

A single advertisement can be purchased to run across the board in all JPI newspapers for less than half of what is charged in most daily markets, and you can rest easy knowing our readership is going up while the others are going down.

The future will see more and more printers seeking ways to reach targeted markets for delivery of advertising material, and JPI is ready for it. We have in place a household system which can break-down deliveries into focuses as small as a single address or street.

Jobe Publishing, Inc. is thankful for the support we have received over the years, and pledges to continue being the leader in local news and the best value for advertising initiatives.

Together We Grow!