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ACE Hardware Selected

The Spring Business winner was ACE Hardware – (L-R) Tracy Worley – VP, Brad Dial – Manager, and Noah Carter – District Manager. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton-Metcalfe Chamber of Commerce held its spring breakfast of 2024 at the old school gym with a great crowd attending. The breakfast provides speakers with an opportunity to update the populous on the state of Kentucky, Edmonton, Metcalfe, and the school system.

Chamber President Daniel Bragg opened the breakfast and the invocation was presented by Superintendent Josh Hurt before the crowd enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Diane’s Cakes and Catering.

The Spring Business award was presented to ACE Hardware. The award was received by store Manager Brad Dial who thanked everyone and stated that about a year and a half ago ACE was purchased by Houchens Industries who he has worked for around 27 years. Since that purchase, the store has added many more items such as lawnmowers, a larger supply of lumber, and Simply Southern items. “We try to offer as much as we can.”

The breakfast was sponsored by Carhartt Industries and Lee Ann Edwards presented information about the manufacturer. Photo by PJ Martin

The breakfast was sponsored by Carhartt and Lee Ann Edwards thanked the chamber and noted it was the first time that Carhartt had sponsored the breakfast. She spoke about the manufacturer saying, “Actually, we started in 1989 in Edmonton so this is our 35th year…This is Carhartt’s 135th year.”

Carhartt makes jackets and late last year they started making FR tee shirts worn by Farmers RECC and Tri-Co EMC employees. The Edmonton location produces 1,008 jackets and 400 t-shirts per day.

State Representative Amy Neighbors was unable to attend as the Legislature is in session, but she sent her information to Bragg to read for her.

“The legislature will break on Thursday, allowing the Governor time to consider his action on the legislation we passed this session. Constitutionally, he may sign, veto, or allow a bill or resolution to become law without his signature. When we return on April 12 and 15, we will consider overriding any vetoes he might issue.”

Representative Amy Neighbors was unable to attend, but sent her message to Daniel Bragg to read. Photo by PJ Martin

“The two-year, $129.8 billion spending plan includes record funding for K-12 public schools (even after adjusting for inflation), and strategic investments in public safety, infrastructure, and health services.”

“In addition to the budget, the House approved House Bill 1, legislation that taps existing state resources to make $1.84 billion in one-time investments in infrastructure, public safety, and economic development, as well as paying down the state’s public pension liabilities.”

She advised that she can be reached at Kentucky House of Representatives Amy Wilson Neighbors 702 Capital Avenue Annex Room 395, (502) 564-8100, the State Message Line 800-372-7181, or emailed at

City Administrator Dawn Devore presented the message for the City of Edmonton. Photo by Kim Harwood

Mayor Doug Smith was unable to attend and City Administrator Dawn Devore presented information concerning the City of Edmonton. “The water improvement project was completed in the past year. The project was an upgrade to our system to continue to bring safe drinking water to many residents in Edmonton and Metcalfe County. We are still working with Kentucky Infrastructure Authority on the KY Cleaner Water Grant that will assist in upgrading underserved customers and also to provide water to those who have no access to city water.”

Also, the city water and gas system has upgraded its software and now provides online access to view your bill set up paperless billing and auto draft, or pay your bill.

Edmonton has been approved for discretionary funding from the Kentucky Department of Transportation to pave streets and continues to seek funds for other work. The Edmonton Memorial Park continues to search out grants to continue the park improvement project.

Judge/Executive Larry Wilson discussed the progress that Metcalfe County has made and the obstacles it has faced. Photo by PJ Martin

Next was Judge/Executive Larry Wilson stating, “One of our biggest goals right now, we’re still working on FEMA projects that have been open for many years and we have been working on those and trying to get those closed, because it does involve a lot of money. It’s gonna take a lot of work and it’s gonna cost money to get it done…I feel like until we clean up things, we can’t move.”

The state has donated two new travel trailers to the county. They are at the county lake and hook-ups are being installed. When people have a fire or any such emergency and need a place to live, they will be able to use those trailers.

“One major problem that I’ve been noticing, here lately…dump sites everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many in all my life as there have been here lately. And I have given direction, we have ordinances to cover that and to maintain that. Let’s use them. Let’s make our county beautiful…if any of you know of an illegal dump, call my office…it’ll be passed on and somethings gonna be done.”

Metcalfe County Clerk Shannon Fields spoke about the new state licensing system installed on January 1st called Kavis. “The transition to the system has not been as smooth as we hoped…causing some customers to come back multiple times, lengthier wait times, and some transactions we’re still unable to do…PVA has been affected by this as well.”

Metcalfe County Clerk Shannon Fields discussed the state’s new licensing system. Photo by PJ Martin

Fields also talked about the new legislation concerning license plates. “When you sell or trade a vehicle, you will be able to keep that plate now and then if you buy a new vehicle, it stays with that vehicle, but you have to come and visit our office to put that plate on that new vehicle.”

“My staff and I would like to truly say that we appreciate the understanding and the patience that you all show us. We do believe that once all the bugs are worked out, that things will be a whole lot better,”

The last speaker was Superintendent Josh Hurt who announced that the Metcalfe County Education Foundation is being started this summer and will promote education in various ways.

“We’re about three things in Metcalfe County Schools.” He listed number

Superintendent Josh Hurt discussed the many types of training available to students. Photo by PJ Martin

one as learning and noted that testing is coming up. Number two is safety and a 3rd SRO was just hired. Number three is a great student experience. “We want every child to have a great experience.”

Hurt stated that all three schools improved their scores last year and he highlighted several events that were part of the learning experience and listed the many vocational programs available to the students. He also announced that the 21st Century Program just received a competitive grant for another 5 years at the elementary school.

“The heart of Metcalfe County is our kids.” Hurt then expressed how proud he is to work for the school system.


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