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EPA passes PSC

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton/Metcalfe Industrial Development Authority (IDEA) held its regular March meeting on Monday, March 18th. Donna Caffee and Mark Linkous were absent.

A quorum was present and the minutes from the February 26th meeting were approved with no changes.

Secretary/Treasurer Alley Bragg presented the monthly financial report for the period 2/27 – 3/18/24. Payments on the BRADD loan of $1,476.20 and the Edmonton State Bank loan of $6,866.79 were made leaving a balance of $23,619.57 in the account.

Judge/Executive Larry Wilson was asked when the RDAPP money would arrive and he stated that all the paperwork was approved, but it takes a while to receive the funds.

Everyone had a chance to look over the bylaws compiled by Chairperson Lisa Boswell and all were in favor of no changes. At the suggestion of Mayor Doug Smith, Boswell is going to contact the City Attorney Brian Pack to review and suggest any changes before moving forward with the final vote.

Jerry Garmon asked if Boswell could also ask Attorney Pack about the missing signatures on the Interlocal agreement that was on file

Mayor Smith stated that the EPA Representative from Bowling Green returned to Pennington Stave Company a few days prior to the meeting and found no problems with the sawdust output. The factory has complied with every aspect asked of them by the EPA and passed inspection.

However, there have been 4 or 5 more complaints received about the sawdust.

Boswell then discussed having a packet for presentation to any business that wanted to come to the county. One of the previous boards had compiled a presentation packet, but as yet a copy has not been located.


Other Business

Boswell announced that she had received a resignation letter from Mark Linkous and read aloud the letter to the board. His resignation was accepted.

Mayor Smith had appointed Linkous, so now he must appoint someone to fill his vacant seat.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 15th at 2 p.m. at the Edmonton City Hall.


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