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Hometown Hero – Alexis Yates and the Team at Legacy Property Group

Alexis Yates and the Team at Legacy Property Group host events and fundraisers throughout the year as a way to give back to the citizens of Hart County. Back row, from left: Jamie Ash, Alexis Yates, Alicia McClure, Nita Logsdon, and Katie Huffman. Front row, from left: MacKenzie Compton-Johnson, Alivia Clark, and Candace Thompson-Gross. Not pictured: Randy Meredith. Photo submitted.

Mary Beth Sallee

Managing Editor

Hart Co. News Herald


March is Women’s History Month, and what better way to celebrate than by recognizing a woman-owned business that is making a difference in the community.

Alexis Yates’ career once looked much different than it does today. She previously worked in the funeral industry and even served as Hart County Deputy Coroner for a few years. However, as with many jobs, burn-out plagued Yates, and she soon found herself traveling down a different career path.

Yates’ career in real estate began in August of 2018. Just over two years later in December of 2020, she opened her own office at the age of 27. By November of last year, Yates and her team expanded into a new building, which they have now almost outgrown.

“We started as a small team of three, and in three years we have grown to have nine agents/staff,” Yates said. “We are the leading listing brokerage in Hart County and offer several client perks to include quarterly drawings for cash, a free moving truck, home warranties, professional photography and videography, and several client appreciation events throughout the year.”

Additionally, Yates has branched out into being an investor and teaching real estate to both local agents and agents outside of Kentucky.

But for the young business owner, the focus has always been team first.

“Our office is home to some of the best people you will ever meet,” Yates shared. “They are so down to earth, intelligent, and strive each day to be successful in their personal and professional lives. Everyone is such an inspiration. Each person has their own strengths that make up one big power house here. We strive to lift each other up and create an atmosphere that is so contagious to helping others be successful.”

As a team, Yates and her staff know full-well the importance of giving back to a community that has been instrumental in their success.

For the past four years, Yates has collected newspaper clippings and mailed them out to the those in the community who have had a child or other relative featured in the newspaper.

“The community has appreciated every newspaper clipping I’ve sent over the years,” Yates said. “Three to four times a week, I get tagged in a Facebook post or get a direct message from somebody who’s received the newspaper clippings, and everyone has just been so grateful. I love sending those!”

In addition, Yates and her team recently established a scholarship for Hart County High School students that is funded by their office. Alicia McClure has a program called “Kindness at Work” that is a hygiene drive to distribute products like shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other necessities to all Hart County schools. Jamie Ash was the leader of the Toys for Tots Toy Drive last Christmas in their office, which was a huge success.

Also during Christmas time each year, Yates and her team also accept Santa letters.

“We have a Santa mailbox outside our door, and when letters get dropped off in it, we respond back from Santa’s workshop,” Yates said. “We also mail the original letter to the parents.”

The realty team also hosts a free 101 Seminar each year that educates people on how credit really works, the do’s and don’t, and how to establish and build credit. In the past, they have rented out a movie theater for a Valentine’s movie night and gave away free tickets to the community. Yates and her team have also hosted a free pet portrait event and sponsored magic shows for each elementary school within the Hart County School System. There are several more upcoming events that have yet to be announced.

“Every event we do is free to the community but targets our appreciation to our past and present clients,” Yates said.

Each year, Yates and her team also host an annual awards ceremony in which the community is welcome to attend and other businesses are showcased.

“We award Lender of the Year, Business Partner of the Year, Contractor of the Year, and an Award of Appreciation,” Yates said. “The community members that have attended it love it.”

Yates stated that giving back to the community is a way to say thank you for all of the support she and her team have received.

“Our community has supported us by allowing us to be their agent if they are buying or selling real estate, giving us referrals, coming to our events, and just simply acknowledging our hard work on social media,” Yates said. “To give back through these outlets we have established over the years is only a fraction of what Hart County does for us.”

Because of their dedication to making the community a better place, Alexis Yates and her team at Legacy Property Group have been chosen as Hometown Heroes for the month of March.

They were nominated by a member of the community who wished to remain anonymous.

“The whole office/team is very proud to be a part of their community. They not only sell real estate, but each agent is very active in their communities,” the anonymous letter stated. “Not only do they help families in purchasing their dream homes or any property, behind the scenes they are giving back to their communities. To name just a few, an agent in that office is an active member of ARK in Hart County, and one organized to have the office as a Toys for Tots drop off location this past Christmas. They all sponsor local sports teams, all are eager to make donations toward school fundraisers, local benefits, etc. You can see them time to time participating in local events. They host free credit seminars in Hart County to provide education and direction in building and rebuilding credit. They also host free events to give back, such as, magic shows at the local schools, free pet photo event, etc. They spend hours every week collecting the local newspaper searching for any locals who has been in the paper for whatever reason and clip the articles out and mail them to each individual, making sure they have a piece of that memory! The whole team is so much more in the community than just an office!”

Yates stated that she and her team are grateful to be recognized as Hometown Heroes but that it is the community who has made them who they are today.

“When I created our office, it was me and Alicia (McClure) in the pouring rain in the German American Bank parking lot because we had no office and honestly really didn’t know where to start,” Yates said. “It’s been a lot of trial and error, but I would much rather serve Hart County than any big community with million dollar homes. I am convinced Hart County is the best place on this side of the earth…Hart County is a place I will always call home. No matter how big my business gets, Hart County built it, and I will never forget that.”

The Hart County News-Herald is proud to recognize Alexis Yates and the Team at Legacy Property Group as Hometown Heroes. Thank you for giving back to the community!


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