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Bylaws and Offerings

Secretary/Treasurer Alley Bragg quietly takes notes for the minutes. Photo | PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton/Metcalfe Industrial Development Authority (IDEA) met for its regular February meeting on Monday, February 26th. Members Donna Caffee and Mark Linkous were absent. Those present were Chairperson Lisa Boswell, Jerry Garmon, Terry Garrett, Matt Gallagher, Mayor Doug Smith, and Judge/Executive Larry Wilson.

A quorum was present and the minutes from the January 22 meeting were approved with no changes.

Secretary/Treasurer Alley Bragg presented the monthly financial report dated 7/5/23 – 2/23/24. Bragg noted that Pennington Stave Company is making the scheduled monthly payments and the board has made two payments on the BRADD loan totaling $2,952.40 this year. The board has also made two payments this year on the Edmonton State Bank loan totaling $13,733.58.

The financial report was approved as presented.

Last month, Chairperson Lisa Boswell presented each member with a copy of the nearby county’s bylaws for reference. At this meeting, she presented a copy of the bylaws. “I put together what I thought absolutely would pertain to us, but I want an open discussion of any changes that you think may be needed.”

Matt Gallagher asked, “I want to make a motion to table it and give us time to look at it at the next meeting.”

The motion was approved to table the bylaws until next month’s meeting. Boswell asked that they make notes to discuss any questions or changes. A few items were questioned for clarity by Mayor Smith.


Other Business

Boswell addressed the subject of business package offerings (deals from the city/county). She stated as an example, “Let’s just say that we get someone interested in coming here. We do not have a package to present and we really need one.”

It was agreed that Bragg would look in her previous files to locate a copy of the package that was used by former chairman Wes Jolly. If it cannot be located, Garmon said he would speak with Jolly. The intent is to update the previous package to present a current offerings.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 18th at 2 p.m.


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