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Standing in unity

Student of the Month was a senior at MCHS, Haydin Quintal shown receiving his award from Chairman Joey Shive. Photo courtesy of Metcalfe County Schools

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Metcalfe County School Board met on February 5th for their regular February meeting.

Among the items on the agenda were the approval to keep the same student insurance for the 2024-2025 school year and the SFCC offer of assistance in the amount of $9,541.42. The state awards this every two years and it can be used for only tier 1 projects within an 8-year period.

The first reading of the 08.1131111 early Graduation Board Policy updates was acknowledged, but no action was taken.

Superintendent Josh Hurt asked that everyone remember and pray for Buddy Brown who had suffered a stroke earlier that day. Brown is the Chief Information Officer for the school system.

Held until last, were the comments from individuals who had attended specifically to speak to the board. In all, 10 people from the school district stood and addressed the board. Three parents were there asking for help with the continuous bullying of their children. One of those victims was sent to counseling after being bullied. The board spoke to those parents after the meeting.

Those who spoke out about their concerns were Judy Dubree, Melissa Coomer, Marilyn Malone, Ed Smith, Cassie Reece, Steven Grissom, and student Randall Brown. They all voiced their concerns over the widespread rumor that the board was unsure of renewing the Superintendent’s contract. This upset many parents.

One by one, those individuals stood and spoke their opinions. All were in unison to keep Superintendent Hurt on the job. They each relayed the positive things Hurt has contributed to the school. Several of the individuals who spoke asked the board what the reasons were behind their decision. Stating that the board members should tell everyone their reasons.

Parent Melissa Coomer spoke out about the money being used for the sports complex saying, “I wanna know about this sports complex. Cause I don’t think our county’s there yet. We’ve got teacher’s aids that work down here at the elementary school for $10.50 an hour…We need to invest in these things in this school and not a complex…We need to put this money somewhere else and Josh needs to stay where he’s at.”

No answers were forthcoming from the board members. Immediately after the last person spoke, the motion was made to adjourn.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 12th at 7 p.m.

Classified Employee of the Month Tim South, MCHS Custodian receiving his award from Chairman Shive. Photo courtesy of Metcalfe County Schools

Certified Employee of the Month: Justin Smith, MCHS Computer Teacher receiving his award from Chairman Shive. Photo courtesy of Metcalfe County Schools


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