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New Payment Software

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton City Council met in a special called meetings on Tuesday, February 6th with the following absent City Attorney Brian Pack.

Mayor Doug Smith began by reminding everyone the meeting was special called and they could not discuss anything that was not on the agenda.

The council approved the January 4th and January 11th meeting minutes with no changes.

City Clerk Dawn Devore advised the council that the new software goes live on February 22. “With that, your bills are gonna look different…The website will be the same, you can get to it the same way, but the portal will be different when they sign in to pay their bill.”

“The people that pay their bill online already pay a fee. Those that pay in the office with a credit card, they don’t, but they will have to after we switch. They will be paying that fee. I don’t know how much it is right off.… It depends on how much their bill is to what the fee is.”

Department Reports

Interim Police Chief David Robertson presented the January activity as 97 call responses – made 7 arrests, worked 7 non-injury accidents, answered 5 alarms, had 5 animal complaints, wrote 14 citations, had 1 domestic call, served 1 EPO, 2 fights, opened 6 investigations, assisted 4 motorists, answered 1 medical call, made 5 traffic stops, had 2 trash complaints, served 6 warrants, and had 4 funeral escorts.

Mayor Smith expressed to the council that Delaney Wilson resigned as police Chief in January. “We have advertised for that position. We will be taking applications until February 15.” He added that the updated job description presented to them needs to be voted on.

Devore explained that the language had been updated which had been excluded from prior versions. The document also included job benefits and training required along with the job responsibilities. The motion was made and approved.

The paperwork also included the job’s pay scale that matches the budget approved earlier in the 23-24 year. Devore researched wage scales with similar cities and checked with the Kentucky League of Cities to create a pay scale high and low. She then compared Edmonton’s to that scale and all the officers are paid in being paid within the range. Devore explained, “Yes, we are competitive with cities our size around us, for sure, but that was one of the things I checked.”

The council approved the pay scale.

Next, ABC Administrator Fred Ray stated that the new liquor store Creek Side is now open.

The Parks and Recreation Director Bryan Garrett reported that they serviced all the park equipment during the cold weather and had to close the front bathrooms at the park. He added that the doors do not self-close and if left open the pipes freeze.

City Fire Chief Jerry Clemmons presented the 2023 run report with 110 medical runs, 39 lift assists, 7 structure fires, 1 vehicle fire, 4 accidents with no injury and 3 accidents with injury, 13 public service runs, 3 hazardous runs, 3 alarms, and 1 investigation for a total of 188 for the year.

Clemmons told the council that the laptop they use for runs needs to be replaced. He also requested a hose reel for one of the city fire trucks to save time and wear on the hoses. The council approved the purchase of a laptop and a hose roller for mounting on the city fire truck.


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