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Welcome Community Medical Care

The first ribbon cutting of 2024 was held on Wednesday, January 31st at Community Medical Care. Photo | PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton Metcalfe Chamber of Commerce held its first ribbon cutting of the year last Wednesday for Community Medical Care (CMC) whose office is located at 1704 West Stockton Street in Edmonton in the former Nunn Drugs location.

Executive Director Randy Burns Photo | PJ Martin

Chamber President Daniel Bragg welcomed everyone to the ribbon cutting and spoke a few words about how much the programs at CMC are needed in the community. He introduced Randy Burns, Executive Director to those in attendance.

Director Burns was excited to introduce the attendees to CMC which became a program of the TJ Mission Foundation (TJCMF) just a couple of years ago. The TJ Mission Foundation was formed back in 2014 and the CMC Barren County office has been in operation for 22 years. Becoming a part of the TJ Mission Foundation has allowed CMC to offer services to Metcalfe County. Director Burns then introduced Program Coordinator Tina Combs to the crowd.

A Metcalfe County resident herself, Combs has been with CMC Barren County since its beginning. In 2023, CMC held a Christmas in the Park holiday event and an introduction to CMC’s services. That event and others helped CMC to gather sponsors for the Metcalfe County programs. Combs specifically thanked those sponsors who together donated over $18,000 to provide seed money to help provide care to Metcalfe County residents.

Combs also highlighted some of the programs offered for Metcalfe County residents. Those 65 and older who qualify, can sign up for 6-month intervals which can assist them with medication through a voucher program, and CMC can assist them with paperwork and co-payments for discounted dentures and hearing aids. If after the 6 months, they still need assistance they can re-enroll for another 6 months, or if they no longer need assistance they graduate out of the program.

CMC Program Coordinator Tina Combs Photo | PJ Martin

One qualification requirement for those 65+ lists assets under $10,000, “That does not include your home or car, just money in your bank accounts,” Combs further explained that some seniors see that and think they don’t qualify, but they actually do.

Working adults aged 18-64 who may be underinsured or uninsured and meet the requirements can receive assistance as well. This program renews every 3 months. As with senior requirements, working adult assets must be under $5,000 and does not include your home or car, just bank accounts.

In 2023, CMC began to help cancer patients with transportation to treatment, discounted nutrition drinks, mastectomy supplies, cranial prostheses, and wigs.

In an effort to better help everyone, “We do ask that you make an appointment,” noted Combs.

She was happy to relay future plans that include opening a CMC office in Adair County, but as yet no date has been established.

CMC Program Coordinator, Combs then introduced a founding member of CMC, Dr. Bharat Mody.

Dr. Mody thanked everyone for attending. He spoke of the wonderful Shanti Niketan Hospice Home in Glasgow and the community support that brought it to completion and then discussed the reasons he helped to create Community Medical Care.

A founding member and advisor of TJCMF Dr. Bharat Mody. Photo | PJ Martin

“I am so happy that Community Medical Care under the guidance of the TJ Community Mission Foundation decided to come to Edmonton. Because we have lots of connections here also. I am happy they decided to come here. As everybody said we started Community Medical Care 22 years ago and the reason we started there were lots of working adults who were low-income and could not afford health insurance. That was one reason and there were lots of seniors who could not afford their medication. They had to make a choice whether they eat or they take their medication. So that is the main reason we started this Community Medical Care 22 years ago”

Dr. Mody went on to talk about the program, “Community Medical Care is strictly a local charity. It was supported by everybody in the community and all the businesses. We never took any money from the government anywhere, not Frankfort not Washington. We wanted to be a local helper. We wanted to be getting help and support locally and all this many years that’s what we have done.”

“And now it is in Edmonton, so it is left up to you all how you want to support, how you want to look out for it, and as I said if you all have any question Tina is there, Randy is there, and I still have a medical office very close to the square in Glasgow and if anybody want to come and see me, talk about anything here or anywhere else related to any charity, I would be glad to talk about that also.”

If you have any questions about the programs offered, want to volunteer, or to donate you can call 270-659-0229.



The requirements for seniors and working adult programs at CMC. Graphic | TJCMF

Oncology Programs provided by CMC Graphic | TJCMF








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