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Digging with Daniel

Daniel Bowman believes that remembering and honoring history helps make the community a better place. He enjoys searching local areas for artifacts from Hart County’s past. Photo submitted.

“It is extremely important that we continue to honor and remember the sacrifices of the past and remember where we came from. Our history is a part of our story, and moving forward, by remembering it, we can hopefully make our communities a better place.” Daniel Bowman


Mary Beth Sallee

Managing Editor

Hart Co. News-Herald


Daniel Bowman has always been called an “old soul” of sorts, and his passion for the past certainly lives up to that name.

“My fascination with our local history began at a very young age,” Daniel said. “My interest sparked during the local Civil War Days festival, which then ignited my passion and enthusiasm for the Civil War and what it meant for those who called Hart County home during the 1860s.”

As a proud member of the Hart County Historical Society, the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, and the American Battlefield Trust, Daniel is an advocate of local history.

“Our history in Hart County is overlooked on the wide scale, but in fact, Munfordville and Hart County played key roles in Civil War and beyond,” he explained. “Our unique railroad bridge made Munfordville a prime location for Union forces to ensure troops were supplied all throughout our state and beyond, which in turn attracted the attention of Confederate forces to attack and take hold of the position. Our county was a vital key in the success of the war in Kentucky and in the Western Theater.”

Daniel’s passion for history doesn’t lie solely with books and yearly festivals, but also in what can be found beneath his own two feet. He began metal detecting in 2020 and has since collected an arsenal of different machines and equipment for different situations and sites. By extensively researching prime locations for metal detecting, Daniel has gained several permissions to search land that had a special place during history. He only metal detects on privately-owned properties with direct permission from the legal landowners.

“I have been blessed to recover several historical items including Civil War artillery items, bullets of different varieties and origins, uniform buttons, and even an 1836 Capped Bust Half Dime, which is a very small silver coin,” Daniel shared. “Each individual item I recover is special to me. I never get tired of finding bullets. Being the first person to hold an item since it was lost in the 1860s and beyond is an indescribable gift and honor.”

The majority of Daniel’s finds remain in his personal and private collection. However, there has been a few exceptions.

“I recently donated a case of Civil War Relics to the Hart County Historical Museum to be used for display or however they see fit,” Daniel said. “For each landowner that grants me permission to detect their property, I offer to share relics with them recovered from the property if they are interested. I try to work with anyone who is interested in allowing me opportunities to do this hobby, so I try to be as gracious as I can to ensure a great working relationship between myself and the landowner.”

What began as a mere hobby for Daniel has transformed into a passion that others find interesting as well. Therefore, he now has his own social media pages called “Digging with Daniel” that document his unique discoveries.

“Ever since I began detecting, on occasion I would share some of my finds with friends and family on Facebook. I learned very fast that people really were interested in our history and what I had to say about it,” Daniel said. “With motivation from a few close friends in the detecting world that collectively have millions of followers and subscribers across different pages that are interested in what we do, I took the time to plan out a way I could share my finds and bring this hobby to the next level in my life. That’s where “Digging With Daniel,” my personal owned Facebook and TikTok pages, were born.”

Daniel expressed that he is thankful to his family, friends, and the community for supporting him in his endeavor to discover and preserve history.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person that has supported my hobby from the beginning,” Daniel said. “Without the gracious landowners that give me permission, I could never have made it this far. I am constantly working on maintaining close working relationships with my landowners and am always in search of new ones. Anytime I have the opportunity to meet new people and help educate them on our local history, and even learn new things myself, I am doing my part to make sure our history isn’t forgotten and that the stories from the past continue to live on, even through the smallest items, such as a Civil War bullet.”

“I truly love the place I call home,” he added. “Hart County has helped me become who I am today. Without the support of all my local friends and family, I could never have the opportunities for this hobby or even my professional career. I am proud to be a Hart Countian.”

Despite his own passions and even community interest in his discoveries, Daniel explained that detecting is truly about keeping local history alive.

“I take a great deal of pride and honor in my hobby,” Daniel said. “I want to play a key role in the recovery and education of these items. They truly tell our county and nation’s history. I want future generations to be well-educated about what happened here and what makes our county’s history so important.”

“It is extremely important that we continue to honor and remember the sacrifices of the past and remember where we came from,” Daniel continued. “Our history is a part of our story, and moving forward, by remembering it, we can hopefully make our communities a better place.”

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