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Motion Fails

Magistrates Ronnie Miller and Daniel Bragg Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Metcalfe County fiscal court met in a regular session on Tuesday, January 23. All were in attendance.

First on the agenda was the Resolution to designate the 2023-24 RDAPP funds to be transferred to the Industrial Board which is a Special Purpose Government Entity (SPGE). The amount of the funds is $153,846. The resolution was approved.

The Inter Fund transfer from the General Fund to the Spay and Neuter Fund in the amount of $512 was approved. The funds were the match portion of a grant received for the Spay and Neuter Program.

The second Inter Fund transfer from the General Fund to the D.E.S. Fund in the amount of $60,000 was questioned. Magistrate Ronnie Miller made the motion to approve the transfer; however, the motion failed for lack of a second. The transfer was the second of three checks to pay past employee Emory Kidd for his comp time.

Treasurer Page Edwards explained, “On the second transfer to DES, if we do not make a transfer, we cannot pay some of the bills that are in claims and we cannot pay Adam (Bennett).”

Magistrate Daniel Bragg noted, “I understand…we’re not gonna approve a transfer to pay the others I think, anything else outta there.”

Miller questioned Bragg saying, “Is that what we want to do? You want to go that far?”

Bragg asked Treasurer Page Edwards how much needed to be approved to just pay the claims and she replied $10,000 would pay Adam’s salary and pay the bills. He then made a motion to transfer $10,000 from the General Fund to the D.E.S. Fund to pay Adam’s salary and pay the bills. It was seconded by Magistrate Kevin Crain and approved by the other magistrates.

Judge/Executive Larry Wilson expressed his opinion, “I personally feel like we need to do this and get it a clean slate, because if we don’t, we’re gonna have this hanging over our heads for the next three years. Because I have been told there will be litigation…I’ve tried talking to the attorneys now they tell me, they all said the same thing…I’m not gonna ask you to, but I want it to go on record I think it should be done.”

Bragg commented, “If it goes into litigation the proof will have to be produced to the court to prove that this is owed. So far, we’re over a year into this mess and I haven’t seen a document. All I have is, all I have is the handbook to go by that says this should never have happened. Has anyone else seen any documentation that this money is owed to him? Am I, am I the only one that hasn’t seen it? Cause I have not seen it. That’s why I’m arguing this. If I’m wrong and the documentation exists, it proves me wrong, I’ll change my tune in a heartbeat, but I haven’t seen anything.”

Bragg mentioned the annual report for last year from Kidd stated that he worked 200 less hours than his contract stated and that was all he had seen.

Wilson said, “We’ll get those (time sheets). I think Lori (Gilpin) said she has a lot of them and FEMA has copies of all of them also. But anyway, we will get those for you.”

Bragg then asked if comp time was ever actually approved for that job and if it was there needs to be proof that it was, because the handbook says differently. Wilson then stated that they would get to work getting copies of the time sheets.

The claims were then approved.

A short closed session was held earlier in the meeting to discuss litigation, but no action was taken.

Other business

Magistrate Ronnie Miller stated that a person living on Copas Road was supposed to be at the meeting, but was not. They had called Miller and asked if the road could be added to the County Maintenance list.

The next meeting of the fiscal court is scheduled to be on its new day Thursday, February 8th at 9 a.m. 

This session of the Metcalfe County Fiscal Court can be viewed on their Facebook page at Metcalfe


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