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Inter Local Agreement

Clockwise from left: Lisa Boswell, J/E Larry Wilson, Matt Gallagher, Tommy Garrett, and Jerry Garmon. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton/Metcalfe Industrial Development Authority (IDEA) held its regular January meeting on Monday, January 22nd. Donna Caffee and Mark Linkous were absent. Mayor Doug Smith was absent due to his recent back surgery.

A quorum was present and the minutes from the December 19th meeting were approved with no changes.

Secretary/Treasurer Alley Bragg presented the monthly financial report dated 12/19/23 – 1/22/24. Pennington Stave Company is making their scheduled monthly payments. The board is also making payments on the BRADD loan of $1,476.20 and the Edmonton State Bank loan of $6,866.79.

In the search for bylaws, the Inter Local Cooperation Agreement signed and filed with the Dept. for Local Government in 2008 was discovered. This document establishes the agreement between the City of Edmonton and The County of Metcalfe establishing a joint Industrial Development Authority per KRS 154.50-301 through 154.50-346. The document is dated October 2008.

Chairperson Lisa Boswell explained, “That is a binding document. An Inter Local Agreement is a legally binding document between entities. The bylaws, for practical purposes, is what we’re going to operate with….we’re not going to have something in the bylaws that contradicts what’s in the Inter Local Agreement, but I still believe as a sitting board, we should have bylaws.”

Boswell then presented each member with copies of bylaws from two nearby counties, “What I propose…take what we’ve got, make some notations, and come back next month with ideas”

Other Business

Matt Gallagher stated, “We need to push on. We need a vision. We need to come up with some ideas.” He was referring to the next economic project the board should plan.

“When industry wants to come to an area, there are quality of life issues that they will look at for their employees. Housing is one of them, medical care is another one, and Metcalfe County does not have 24-hour medical care. As it turns out, we have been approached about a grant for Metcalfe County to get a medical facility here, because we are part of the Appalachian Region,” explained Boswell.

Jerry Garmon, “Are you talking about a so-called urgent clinic like most places have?”

The reply was “yes” and the discussion turned to how much the county needs a facility open at night when second and third-shift factories are open.

Other things were discussed concerning the needs of the county such as housing, medical care, daycare, and workforce that industry looks for before locating in an area.

Garmon talked about how undercounted the population of the county was in the last census in 2020. He worked with the census takers and many people absolutely refused to participate in the census. “It’s sad because the more you get (population), it helps the county.”

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 19th at 2 p.m.

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