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Routine Business

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton City Council met in a special called meeting on Thursday, January 4th.

Fire Chief Jerry Clemmons, council members Curt Estes and Cathy Nunn, and Park Director Bryan Garrett were absent, but a quorum was present.

Mayor Doug Smith began by reminding everyone the meeting was special called and they could not discuss anything that was not on the agenda.

The council approved the December 4th meeting minutes with no changes.

“Jeff Carter of Taylor, Polson, & Company is next on the agenda, but because of some sickness in his office, he was not able to have the FY 2021-2022 report ready. The audit is complete and he has stated there are no findings. We need to schedule another special called meeting for him to present that and hopefully, it will be the first of next week,” stated Mayor Smith.

Council member Teresa Hamlett asked if the accountant was behind by two years. Clerk Dawn Devore stated that the city had filed an extension with the Department of Local Government (DLG) and that she had been asking about the audit since August. “It’s done (audit), it’s just getting typed up and presented…but we can go ahead and get it sent in (to DLG)…right now is the time to be doing the 22-23 audit.”

The council only has to accept the audit once it is presented. They do not have to approve it.

Department Reports

Public Works Superintendent Moe Hensley stated, “Since I’ve been here 21 years, we’ve done more locates this last month than we have in 21 years. Done over a 1,000.”

Police Chief Delaney Wilson reported on December’s 121 call responses –  11 arrests, worked 6 non-injury accidents and 1 injury accident, 1 intoxicated person, answered 1 alarm, had 2 animal complaints, wrote 19 citations, had 2 domestic calls, had 2 DUI’s, served 2 EPO, had 4 incomplete 911 calls, opened 3 investigations, assisted 3 motorists, answered 7 medical calls, received 29 complaints, received 1 drug complaint, made 18 traffic stops, had 2 trash complaint, and served 7 warrants.

The Parks and Recreation Director Bryan Garrett was absent so no report was given.

City Fire Chief Jerry Clemmons was absent so no December Fire Dept. report was presented.

City Attorney Brian Pack had no updates or recommendations to present to the council.



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