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BSC Super Fans!

Drummer John Fred Young (center) with the Black Stone Cherry fans Sam and Tyanna Goodman at the hometown show at the Glasgow Plaza Theatre in mid-December. The Goodmans traveled from Wales, England for the back-to-back sold-out gigs. Photo courtesy | Sam Goodman

By Allyson Dix

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A couple from England journeyed across seas to see Black Stone Cherry when the band made their way home before the holidays and performed at Glasgow’s Historic Plaza Theatre in mid-December.

Sam and Tyanne Goodmans traveled around 4,500 miles from Wales, England to rock out to both sold-out shows on Dec. 15 and 16. The Goodmans weren’t the only ones to travel across seas and state lines to see the show, but all present witnessed the announcement of BSC’s upcoming induction into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame & Museum.

The Goodmans have been fans of the hard rock band for the last 17 years.

“We have been fans of Black Stone Cherry since 2006 after watching them in Cardiff Student Union for the first time,” Sam said. “We were hooked!”

Sam and Tyanne were at another gig in the United Kingdom when they heard the announcement that Black Stone Cherry would be playing a hometown show.

“We had discussed seeing a hometown show for a while and decided this was the time to finally go ahead with it and we are so glad we did,” Sam said.

Black Stone Cherry fans Tyanna and Sam Goodman trekked 4,500 miles from Wales, England to rock out at both sold-out shows in mid-December at the Glasgow Plaza Theatre. The Goodmans are pictured above with the band’s guitarist Ben Wells, at right, at the show. Photo courtesy | Sam Goodman

The Goodmans reflected on their most memorable moments of Black Stone Cherry, which started with their first gig to see the band.

Other memorable moments for the couple included Download 2018, a music festival held in Donington Park in the United Kingdom where BSC performed in front of over 100,000 attendees.

“This festival finally gave the band the crowd they deserve,” Sam said.

Back in 2018, Ben Wells told Planet Rock Radio shortly after the Download 2018 performance that playing in front of that crowd was “surreal” and Chris Robertson compared the population of Edmonton, KY to that crowd size, “I can’t wrap my head around it.”

The Goodmans also highlighted Bristol in England this past October.

“Bristol was such a small intimate venue,” Sam said. “It felt like the boys were performing just for us.”

And naturally, the Goodmans also said one of the most memorable moments for them was the December show at Glasgow “because of the hometown feel.”

When asked how the couple likes visiting Glasgow, Sam said, “Me and my wife haven’t been able to stop complimenting your town. We keep saying it’s like being in a snow globe – it’s so pretty.”

The Goodmans are already planning a trip back to Glasgow adding that the locals here are “super friendly and welcoming.”

Sam said he was inspired to travel such a distance to see BSC, because of the time and effort the band spends bringing music to the UK for the fans.

“The boys travel regularly over to the UK to come see us so we felt it only right to return the favor,” Sam shared. “The amount of time and effort they put into their shows in the UK, both on stage and the time they spend interacting with their huge UK fan base, we felt it was the least we can do to support them in their hometown and help them get the credit they fully deserve.”

Tyanna and Sam Goodman stop for a meal at Yancey’s in Glasgow before heading over to the Glasgow Plaza Theatre for a sold-out Black Stone Cherry show. Photo | JR Jessie, JPI

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