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Tri County Hay and Straw Auction

Barren County Agent Chris Schalk talking hay with a farmer. Photo | Herald-News Archives

7th annual

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


It’s a never-ending struggle for every farmer out there – will they have enough hay to last through the winter months?

Back in 2018, the local extension offices of Metcalfe, Barren, and Monroe Counties partnered with the Metcalfe County Fair Board to begin the hay and straw auction as a way to help farmers during the dry years that make it extremely hard for them to produce enough hay to feed their livestock through the winter. It also assists farmers in years when they must begin feeding hay earlier than usual in the winter season.

The auction has become a safe and effective way to gather sellers and buyers together in one place. In fact, it has been so successful that what started with three counties has grown to become the Tri County Hay and Straw Auction including five counties Metcalfe, Barren, Monroe, Hart, and Allen County Extension Offices.

The auction has worked well for all involved over the last six years. For example, The Herald-News reported in 2020 that approximately $53,000 worth of hay sold.

This year’s auction will be held on Saturday, January 27th beginning at 10 a.m. at the Metcalfe County Fairgrounds. There are no commissions; however, there is a 5% buyer’s premium which goes toward supporting the Metcalfe County Fair.

Each lot of hay is weighed and tested for nutritional value and the results are listed on lot tags. This allows provides the buyers information on what they are purchasing to feed their livestock.

Rolls, large squares, and small squares are all accepted. Metcalfe Agent Brandon Bell stated, “We always try to have a variety of hay on hand in order to meet the needs of all classes of livestock. Please come out and join us on Saturday, January 27th. We hope to see you there.”

The auction also includes straw, which can be used for bedding material, landscaping, or various other purposes.

If you are in Metcalfe County and have hay or straw you would like to sell contact Brandon Bell at 270-432-3561. If you are in one of the other counties listed please contact one of the following Agents.

Barren – Chris Schalk, 270-651-3818

Monroe – Kevin Lyons, 270-487-5504

Hart – Adam Estes, 270-524-2451

Allen – Adam Huber, 270-237-3146

Metcalfe County Agent Brandon Bell talking with the auctioneer before the sale. Photo | Herald-News Archives

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