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Kessler Celebrates Milestone

Dale Kessler was recently recognized for 70 years with his Shawnee Masonic Lodge #830 out of Louisville, Ky. Photo submitted.

70 Years Service to Masonic Lodge

Katrina England


Hart Co. News-Herald


Motorcycle enthusiast, Veteran, Kentucky Colonel. As he prepares to celebrate his 95th birthday on May 20, Dale Kessler has a rich life of accomplishments to celebrate.

He recently added another accomplishment: 70 years of service to Shawnee Masonic Lodge #830 in Louisville, Ky.

Kessler, who is a 32nd degree Master Mason, began his journey after returning from his service in the Korean War.

“I joined when I got out of the service,” said Kessler. “My brother had been in World War II, and I had been in The Korean War, (and) we were very close. Our great uncle was a 33rd degree Mason all his life. He asked us to join the Masonic Lodge, and we did.”

Kessler advanced through the degrees, also accomplishing membership of The Scottish Rite.

Official literature from Scottish Rite of Freemasonry explains that The Scottish Rite degrees teach a series of moral lessons culminating in the 32, Master of the Royal Secret. The Scottish Rite continues a Master Mason’s education in many ways:

Though Kessler moved to Hart County in 1993, he continued paying dues to his Louisville chapter. He also became active in Munfordville’s Eastern Star chapter, which is a secondary Masonic body, open to both men and women.

As he also approaches a milestone birthday, Kessler says one trick is to stay active in life.

“I rode a motorcycle until I was 93,” said Kessler. “I started riding 71 years ago, so that was one of the hardest things to give up.”

Kessler said he strives to live the best life he can, and lets others do the same.

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