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Christmas Parade 2023


Special to the Herald-News

Photos by PJ Martin and Allyson Dix


For the second year, the Edmonton Christmas Parade was held after dark which only made the multi colored twinkling lights more beautiful. The theme was Festive Flicks a Parade of Beloved Christmas Shows & Movies. See if you can guess which Christmas Classic each float portrays.

The grand marshal was bull rider Connor Jessie and at the end of the parade, Santa made a guest appearance.

This years the parade was much larger than in 2022 and three floats held a special surprise for the crowds as they blew what appeared to be snow onto the onlookers to the delight of many. Of course, it was not snow, but only a foamy bubble mixture.

So for anyone who was unable to attend, here are a few photos.












Barn Lot Theaters winning float.

The movie Elf.

Frosty the Snowman

The Greatest Story Ever Told

A Dolly Christmas

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