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Short agenda, a lot of questions

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Metcalfe County fiscal court met on Tuesday, November 28th for their regular meeting with everyone in attendance except County Attorney Sharon Howard.

It was approved to amend the agenda to include Precision account payments and the agenda was then adopted. Next, the minutes from the November 14th meeting were approved with no changes.

The budget was approved; however, the inter-fund transfers listed a transfer of $50,000 from the General Fund to the D.E.S. Fund which was questioned by Magistrate Daniel Bragg. Judge Wilson explained the situation, “We are gonna have to pay Emory (Kidd) for his comp time…we’re doing it in increments.”

Treasurer Page Edwards added, “It’s got to go through payroll like he’s still here,” referring to the inter-fund transfer.

“So we have to pay him as if he’s still here and built up retirement/comp time,” questioned Bragg adding, “Did we fully investigate all the days that he said was comp time?”

Judge Wilson replied that he was given a list by Kidd. Bragg then asked if Kidd had used any of his comp time in the past year and voiced his concern that since he had been a magistrate there had been weeks at a time that Kidd was sick and he wanted to know if comp time was used during any of those times.

Judge Wilson confirmed the documentation saying, “All his time sheets had been signed and approved…I know I did. I think there was very little time on mine, time I been in office, but before when he turned in his timesheet, the judge always signed off.”

Magistrate Kevin Crain asked, “Isn’t that a salary position?” Judge Wilson replied, “It is.”

Bragg then questioned the handbook and which statute allows comp time for that job. He indicated that the handbook states comp time is designated per job. Another in attendance added that it also says the comp time should be used within 2 weeks of earning it. A specification that is not followed.

Judge Wilson stated that he had talked to County Attorney Sharon Howard and also the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) Attorney and both agreed that this was the best option for everyone.

The amount to be paid to Kidd totals approximately $110,000 and is to be paid in three installments of around $36,600 each. Taxes and retirement will be deducted and the county will have to pay their part of taxes and retirement as usual.

“We don’t have a say in it. There’s nothing we can do. It’s got to this point without us (magistrates) knowing it…That’s just what’s flabbergasted me,” said Bragg.

“All we’re doing is just approving the inter-fund transfer,” stated Crain.

Crain then asked when the policy/procedure manual could be updated concerning comp time to which Edwards answered that it can only be updated once a year.


Other Items

Precision the engineering firm in charge of the new food pantry project at Bowling Park asked that the court approve payments on the project. The court approved the motion for payment requests from Precision to be paid promptly. Judge Wilson explained that there is only a 5-day turnaround time for project payments once fiscal court receives the funds.

Next, the court approved accepting the resignation of Lisa Boswell from the Metcalfe County Economic Board. The reason for her resignation was her appointment to the Edmonton Metcalfe County Industrial Authority. Also approved was the appointment of Rick Hope to the Metcalfe County Economic Board.

In other business, KYEM Area 3 Regional Manager Gary Fancher provided the court with the estimate for repairs on the North Metcalfe tower. The estimate from Betner Communications LLC lists the cost at $15,790.25. Fancher stated that this completes the repair of all the emergency use towers.

Bragg stated that people who live on a gravel road in his district have asked if it could be declared a county road. Approximately 5 homes are located on the road and they do not have access to the water system. Bragg added that he and Road Supervisor Chris Compton are going to check the road and will report back to the court.

Metcalfe County Fiscal Court meetings can be viewed on their Facebook page at


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