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How to cook a turkey

Special to the Herald-News


We asked our future chefs (under 6-years-old) how they would cook the Thanksgiving turkey and we received some very interesting answers.

These answers were submitted by parents on our Facebook page and from the Metcalfe County Head Start/Early Head Start children.



“I would put it in a pot and use a spoon to stir it. I would add cheese and pepperoni on it.”

Hudson Dubree – age 4


“You put all kind of stuff on it, like hot sauce. Then you put the turkey in the oven and cook it for lots of minutes.”

Oakley Piper – age 5


“I think I would put stuff on it like mommy does. Then put sauce all over it and maybe some potatoes. Cook the turkey in the hot oven for 20 minutes.”

Aubrie Piper – age 3


“Put it in the oven.”

Hadlee age 5


“Cut it up and eat it with your mouth”

Nathaniel age 3


“In the microwave.”

Madan age 4


“Put it in the microwave.”

Jackson age 4


“In the oven.”

Jacob age 3


“You put it in the oven.”

Ava age 3


“In the microwave.”

Audrie age 3


“On a drill cut it up put in a pan and eat it.”

Alice age 4


“Cut it up put in the oven and cook it then eat it.”

Aiden age 4


“Put it in the oven.”

Kowen age 4


“In the sink”

Stacy age 3


“My mom would tell my dad to kill turkey then put it in oven then eat and share with uncle Glen.”

Nova age 4


“My dad would help me shoot it then drive home and take it to kitchen and mom would put in oven then when oven beeps dad will take it out and eat it but not me I don’t like turkey.”

Elizabeth age 4


“My dad would shoot the turkey and put in oven for 20 hrs.”

Mason age 3


“Buy it at the store wash in bathtub and cook in oven.”

Justice age 3


“Take it to kitchen and cook in mailbox.”

Alexander age 3


“Cook it on the grill.”

Sage age 4


“Turn on oven get hot cook it for 5 hrs.”

Jordyn age 4


“Get it from the chickens and cook it in the oven.”

Olivia age 4


“1, 2, 4, Moo: Turkey”

Chase age 2



Esme age 2


“Turkey, car”

Octavious age 2


“Daddy bakes it”

Apollo age 2



Lindsey age 2


“Mama, Dada BuBu”

Luca age 2


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