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Clean audit

Representatives of Taylor, Polson & Company PSC presented the audit results. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


Mr. Ervin Sewell presided over the Barren-Metcalfe County Emergency Medical Services Board of Directors on October 25th at the TJ Samson Community Center. Metcalfe Judge/Executive Larry Wilson and Chairman Neil Thornberry were unable to attend.

Representatives of Taylor, Polson & Company PSC were on hand to present the explanation of the FY 2022-2023 records audit. The results were a clean audit.


Finance and Operations Reports

The financials were presented by Executive Secretary/Treasurer Shawn Estes. The total cash received for August was $566,443 with total adjusted expenses of $513,158 for a net income of $53,285.

The total cash received for September was $565,568 with adjusted expenses of $688,103. Estes noted the $133,000 item under Expenses and explained, “We basically utilized all that profit that we had built through August and September to purchase an ambulance outright.”

The note for ambulance #506 with Edmonton State Bank has a balance of $60,003.60 and the note for ambulance #510 with Limestone Bank has a balance of $70,289.84.

Executive Director Joe Middleton stated, “Based on our current payment schedule and what our plans are by the end of the fiscal year, we plan to be completely out of debt.”

Director Middleton then presented the operations reports with runs in August of 931 (51 more than last year). September had 889 runs with 765 in Barren County and 124 in Metcalfe County. That’s 24 less than last year in September.

The average response times (Jan. 1 – Oct. 20) for runs from receiving the call to finish is 27 minutes and 54 seconds.

Middleton also presented the response report sorted by Fire Dept. District and volume by BMEMS Station for June and July.

Old Business

Bids were opened for the two flatbed trailers. Out of 14 bids received the winning bid of $2,006 was received from Charles Chamber. If he does not want both trailers, the 2nd bid of $2,000 was received from Travis Maupin.

The two bids for the Ford Explorer were declined and the board approved Executive Director Joe Middleton to negotiate the sale of it.

The budget allowed the purchase of a 2024 Z71 LT Silverado from Don Franklin for $56,000 to be used as a command response vehicle.

Currently, the EMT Basic Class is beginning with 11 students. Two of those have verbally discussed a contract for employment with BMEMS according to Middleton. He expects the Advanced Class to begin around February 2024 and a Paramedic Program to begin around summer 2024.


New Business

Middleton relayed the changes made between the Clinical Lead position and the Clinical Supervisor position. The supervisor portion of the Clinical Lead position has been removed and created as a new position of Clinical Supervisor.

The board went into a lengthy closed session and returned with no action presented. However, a vote was held after returning for a 3% pay raise for the Executive Director.

The next meeting of the board is scheduled for December 13.2023 at 4 p.m. at TJ Samson Community Center.





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