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How Sweet It Is

Tammy Pauline Thomas putting the final icing touches onto cupcakes before the ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating her new cake shop, Pauline’s Pies, Cakes, and Pastries. She baked a pink and white cake for attendees to enjoy. Photo by Allyson Dix

By Allyson Dix

EHN Reporter


It’s official. The Edmonton community is now a little sweeter down at 308 West Stockton Street.

The Edmonton-Metcalfe County Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Pauline’s Pies, Cakes, & Pastries on Friday, October 13, complete with sweets and treats made by the owner herself.

Owner Tammy Pauline Thomas found her passion for cake decorating 12 years ago.

“I began decorating cakes for my grandchildren,” Thomas shared with Edmonton Herald-News. “I just took a knack for it, and I enjoyed seeing the children’s faces light up when they got their cakes and I just continued on with it.” She added that the Lord opened the doors for her to open her small store front.

Thomas, who has resided in Metcalfe for the past 25 years, offers a variety of themes and decorating for her cakes, which can be viewed on her social media Facebook at Pauline’s Pies Cakes & Pastries.

The cake shop’s staple is its custom Celebration Cakes for events such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, and graduations. Baked and fried fruit and cream pies as well as mini pie pastries are offered. Additionally, Thomas said the cake shop is offering ham and biscuit breakfasts and light lunches. She keeps her Facebook up to date with her menu items so keep a watch for her future offers!

“I’d like to thank the Chamber of Commerce,” Thomas said, “Kim [Hardwood] has been so dedicated in helping us get off the ground here, and I thank the good Lord for giving us this opportunity.”

She also said that the community has been very welcoming to the cake shop and her appreciation is abundant.

“Thank you for supporting us and we look forward to the opportunity to continue to work for them,” Thomas said of her customers.

“We just welcome the community in to just help make their day a little sweeter,” Thomas said.

To place an order, call Thomas at 270-432-CAKE (2253).

Pictured from left, Kim Harwood, Executive Director of the Edmonton-Metcalfe Chamber of Commerce, Tammy Pauline Thomas, and Gina Gibson, Vice President of the local chamber, at the ribbon cutting ceremony for Pauline’s Pies, Cakes and Pastries on October 13. Photo by Allyson Dix

Many gathered on Friday during a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the newest cake shop in town, Pauline’s Pies, Cakes, and Pastries, on Friday. The Edmonton-Metcalfe Chamber of Commerce hosted the ceremony and the owner, Tammy Pauline Thomas baked a pink and white cake for attendees to enjoy. Photo by Allyson Dix


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