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Woman charged with murder arrested again

By Allyson Dix, Managing Editor/Barren County Progress

Cheryl Leighanne Bennett
Photo: Barren County Detention Center

A Glasgow woman charged with murder in connection to her father’s July 2022 death has been arrested again for allegedly violating her bond conditions.

Cheryl Leighanne Bennett was arrested and lodged in the Barren County Detention Center on Friday, October 13, with no bond.

According to an order signed by Circuit Judge John T. Alexander, Bennett has violated one or more conditions of bond based on a You Turn report dated October 12. You Turn is the court monitoring service that oversees court-ordered drug testing and GPS monitoring, of which Bennett has been ordered as well.

In July of 2022, her father, Michael “Mickey” Logsdon died as a result of his breathing machine being powered down several times before the final time. His death was ruled a homicide and Bennett was arrested for murder in connection to his death in November 2022.

Bennett’s mother and Michael Logsdon’s wife, Cheryl Logsdon, was also arrested and charged with murder in connection to his death.

Bennett was also arrested on April 22, 2023, for violating her bond due to failing court-ordered drug tests.

Confusion surrounded an active warrant just one month ago after You Turn reported to the court Bennett was not compliant in their request for her to show at the office for a drug test as well as putting her ankle monitor back on despite no judge’s order has been signed allowing the removal of the GPS monitor. That warrant was retracted.

Additionally, Bennett was arrested back in March 2022 and charged with public intoxication-influenced under controlled substance; first-degree possession of methamphetamine, 2nd offense; and buy/possess drug paraphernalia.

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  1. NaNa on October 18, 2023 at 2:00 am

    To whom that may think she murdered her Father could be totally mistaken 🤔. You have no clue as to what she did wrong to commit murder. I agree with everything else, not showing up for drug test, taking her ankle device off & on she SHOULD BE DOING TIME IN JAIL. Plus the other things she done to get arrested 🙄. I’m just speaking of the Murder charges, ANYONE WHO CAN PROVE TO ME THAT SHE MURDER HER FATHER?? Wondering minds would love to know???

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