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Gloria Holder Laing

HORSE CAVE – Gloria Holder Laing, 93, passed away Friday, September 22, 2023, at her home with her son David and daughter Sharon by her side after a short illness. She was preceded in death by her husband of 67 years, William “Bill” Laing in 2021; and her son, William Roderick Laing.

She is survived by her two children, David Laing and Sharon Schott; and her husband, Paul Schott; three grandchildren, Alexander Schott, Matthew Schott, and Roderick Schott.

Gloria was an adventurous spirit whose greatest joy in life was being a mother to her three children. She was always supportive, delighting in their accomplishments, and wise in her advice. lt was a great comfort to her to have her two surviving children at her side during these last years. Her three grandchildren, (Alexander, Matthew, and Roderic Schott) were a source of great joy in her life and she treasured their visits and learning of their latest accomplishments as they grew into men she could be proud of.

She was a much respected and competent accountant for several large corporations during her career. One of which was Seaboard Railroad where she was able to indulge in her love of train travel, taking a number of train trips around the country with her children.

Although she was born and raised in urban and suburban environments, much of her extended family still lived and worked on farms in the country. She deeply loved visiting the family farms, exploring the countryside, and interacting with animals. This passion for country living lead her and her husband to “retire” to the country in Horse Cave on a 70-acre Stewardship Forest. She was deeply passionate and delighted by the wildlife wandering the yard and the preservation of the natural environment of the forest in their care.

She has always participated in every community she has lived in, like being a den mother to both Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops as well as a being a school band supporter. ln Horse Cave, she became a librarian at the Horse Cave Free Public Library for some 10 years, declaring it her favorite job of her entire life. She also assisted her best friend Ann Matera at City Hall with whatever needed doing and truly enjoyed helping and supporting her community in whatever way she could.

She was always curious about the world and read extensively about every subject under the Sun. She particularly liked reading about history and the biographies of the founding fathers of America. But her favorite author was Barbara Kingsolver. She relished each new release from her, looking forward to immersing herself in each new adventure.

She once famously said, “if it weren’t for Public Television, I wouldn’t own a TV”. Her passion for learning about new ideas and discoveries never left her, not much more than a week before she passed away she had an hour-long deep discussion about the nature of space, the Universe, and subatomic particles! The next day she was planning several trips around the country to visit the places of her childhood as well as the natural great monuments of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. Her sense of wonder, adventure, and discovery never left her.

Her compassion and empathy for others was a constant quality in her life. Her children, friends, and co-workers all knew and benefited from this deep-seated quality always given so freely and in a truly heart-felt fashion. There are countless examples and stories of her almost limitless willingness to give to others in need, all solely out of the tremendous generosity and compassion she had for the wellbeing of others.

She was an extraordinary human being. Her children, grandchildren, friends, and community were truly blessed and enriched by her presence in their lives. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her. Heaven has gained a true angel.

To honor Gloria’s wishes, cremation was chosen. Condolences may be expressed online at

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