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Business of the Quarter: Luxe Beauty Bar

The business of the quarter was awarded to Luxe Beauty Bar – Emma McMurtrey, owner Summer Glass, and Cassie Duvall. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Chamber of Commerce hosted its fall Quarterly Breakfast on September 19th at the old school gym with a good crowd attending.

Chamber Board President Daniel Bragg presented the Business of the Quarter award to Luxe Beauty Bar. Owner and operator Summer Glass accepted the award and said, “Thank you to the community, our friends, our family, and the chamber for all the support they have given us throughout the years. A little over 10 years ago, I started my business journey, right here in Edmonton in a little spot on the square and that place was very good to us. Since then, we’ve had lots of growth and success and I have been able to add three master stylists to the salon, who are all right here from Metcalfe County and I am proud to say they wanted to come and start their careers and work right here. We’re just very thankful for all your support and continue to support small businesses. Thank you all very much.”

Mckinley Spillman spoke about her work with Freedom Financial Group and her second business Fun Palooza. Photo by PJ Martin

LifeSkills Case Manager Danielle Knutter spoke about the varied treatment programs available. Photo by PJ Martin

The next to speak was Mckinley Spillman who sponsored the breakfast and is a new chamber member. She thanked Executive Director Kim Harwood saying, “She’s been very helpful and I’ve gotten a lot of growth. My first business is Life Insurance, I’m a life insurance broker. I go to people’s homes and get their life insurance in place. My second business is a party rental business where I rent out bounce houses. And I’m hoping for growth in that and to expand into having a building for the community so children can just come in and play all day on their days off… I hope to meet you all and grow and continue to get bigger in our business and support each other. And I really appreciate all your support.”

The first guest speaker was Danielle Knutter who is a Kentucky Impact Service Coordinator (Case Manager) with LifeSkills which serves approximately 35 counties and provides addiction counseling unit, adult case management services, children’s case management services, and the crisis unit in Bowling Green, prescribe medications, and the Medical Center provides physicals. “We kinda do the whole gamut of mental health and physical health. So what I do specifically, is case management. And the Kentucky Impact Program tries to keep families together by providing resources…our goal is to keep them in the home.”

Next, Blaine Mathew a Liaison with Addiction Recovery Care explained that they started from small beginnings in Eastern Kentucky about 15 years ago as a non-profit organization and, “We have grown into the nation’s largest recovery network and we are located here in the state of Kentucky.”

“We have facilities in Somerset, Springfield, and the newest facility in Owensboro, Kentucky. We are a long-term dual diagnosis treatment facility so we work on the mental health aspect, we work on the physical health aspect, the substance abuse. Of course, so we are a spiritual organization, a Christian organization so we also work on that part as well.”

Guest speaker Blaine Mathew with Addiction Recovery Care. Photo by PJ Martin

Guest speaker Randy Burns with TJ Community Mission Foundation. Photo by PJ Martin

Randy Burns was the next guest speaker. He is the Director at TJ Community Mission Foundation the philanthropic division of TJ Regional Health. They are a non-profit that exists to serve another non-profit which is TJ Regional Health a non-profit healthcare network. He spoke about the first project which was the Shanti Niketan Hospice Home in Glasgow which has already served 125 families.

Another micro project is the Car Seat Program which provides a car seat to the family of every child born at TJ Samson who cannot afford one. Other projects are working with the Adair County Sheriff’s Dept. to provide tourniquets to police officers and to create the Serenity Garden at TJ Samson to honor the healthcare heroes.

“In January of 2022, a really momentous event happened in the life of the foundation when we joined hands and partnered with an on-profit that had been serving Barren County/Glasgow for 20 years. An organization called Community Medical Care.” Stated Burns.

“So now, Community Medical Care is now a program of the TJ Mission Foundation,” announced Burns and he then introduced Tina Combs Coordinator with Community Medical Care a proud Metcalfe County person. Tina has been the Coordinator since Community Medical Care began 21 years ago.

The programs help adults who are above the rate to receive assistance, but cannot afford medical care or medicines. They are in the gap and the program provides medication assistance 75% for out-of-pocket prescription medication up to $200 a month, assistance with hearing aids, dentures, and transportation to doctor’s appointments.

Burns made the initial announcement, “We started a program with Breaking Barrier to Care…we partnered with the TJ Regional Health Oncology Program. We modeled our program after the UK Marquee Cancer Center, their foundation and program…we realized there are people battling cancer who regardless of whether they have jobs or they don’t have jobs…there are so many additional out-of-pocket expenses that you have to face…We provide nutritional supplement drinks at a dramatically reduced rate…We provide transportation assistance and we’re getting ready to launch the 3rd phase of that program which is we’re going to provide assistance to patients in regard to wigs and head coverings and also mastectomy supplies.”

The final speaker of the breakfast was Justin Poland who was attending, “on behalf of the Land of Liberty Coalition, it’s an educational non-profit that focuses on the conservative arguments around why renewable energy economic development projects are good for the communities. Things like private property rights, government law, somebody wants to put something on their land…they should be able to do it. The government shouldn’t try to get in the way.”

The final guest speaker was Justin Poland of Run Switch representing the Land of Liberty Coalition. Photo by PJ Martin

As with previous breakfasts, the delicious food was prepared and served by Diane’s Cakes and Catering, and door prizes winners were drawn by Mattie Osbon with Tommy Garrett and Tina Combs as winners.


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