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City Taxes Discussed

Pictured L-R: Council member Curt Estes, Mayor Doug Smith, Council members Cathy Nunn, Faye Word, and Tommy England. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The September meeting of the Edmonton City Council was held on Monday, September 11th with all in attendance except Police Chief Delaney Wilson. Due to the changing of the meeting date it was considered a special called meeting and only items on the agenda could be discussed.

The first reading of the 2024 Motor Vehicle and Watercraft Property Tax Rate Ordinance #2023-2024-02 was discussed. The first reading was approved unanimously leaving the tax rate set at fifteen and two-tenths cents (15.2) per hundred dollars ($100) of the assessed value of motor vehicles and watercraft located within the city of Edmonton.

The first reading of 2023 Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Rate Ordinance #2023-2024-03 was also discussed. The 2022 tax rate was .0830 per $100 on real estate and personal property with revenue totaling $73,648.

After a short discussion, it was approved unanimously to raise the rate 3/10th percent to .086 per $100 for all real estate and personal property for the year 2023.

The ordinance also stated, that persons who pay their tax bill before December 31, 2023, will receive a 2% discount. If tax bills are not paid by January 31, 2024, a penalty of 10% of the bill will be added and an interest rate of 6% per annum will be added beginning February 1, 2024, until the bill is paid.

The next item was Resolution #2023-24-03 Commonwealth of Kentucky, Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, Discretionary Funding Project (state contingency funding FD39). In March of 2022, the city requested discretionary funds to blacktop portions of Glasgow Street, Dial Street, and Nora Circle. KYTC finally approved the funding of $93,000 for the repairs; however, since that date prices have increased significantly and the price quote dated August 30, 2023, from Scotty’s is $113,498.50. This quote does not include any utility work, concrete work, or any type of excavation.

The city will be responsible for the difference of $20,498.50. Once the work has been completed, KYTC will refund the $93,000 to the city. The council approved for the mayor to sign the agreement with KYTC.

Police Chief Delaney Wilson was not in attendance, but the August report was included in each member’s packet. The department had a total of 188 runs in August.

ABC Administrator Fred Ray reported that Cash Fugate (Sr.) will be opening Creekside Liquors in the next few months.

Parks and Recreation Director Brian Garrett stated that the youth league began on September 11th with 72 signed up and the women’s kickball league begins September 13th with 85 signed up.

City Fire Chief Jerry Clemmons presented the July Fire Department report stating the dept. had 14 runs consisting of 1 bicycle accident, 7 medical, 4 lift assists, and 2 fires.

A short closed session produced no action taken.


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