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Woman charged in father’s death has second active arrest warrant

By Allyson Dix, Managing Editor/The Barren County Progress

Cheryl Leighanne Bennett, who was charged in connection to the death of her father, is facing her second bond violation arrest.
Photo | Barren Co. Detention Center

A Barren County woman who was charged with allegedly murdering her father has a new active warrant out for her arrest for failure to comply with her bond conditions, which will be the second arrest since she was released from jail last November.

Cheryl Leighanne Bennett and her mother, Cheryl Logsdon (Michael Logsdon’s wife), were both indicted by Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s Special Prosecutions Unit in January 2023 for the death of Michael “Mickey” Logsdon.

At this time, it is the understanding of the Barren County Progress that the whereabouts of Bennett are unknown. A welfare check conducted by police on Sunday to the home along Tanglewood Drive in Glasgow resulted in only locating Cheryl Logsdon, but not Bennett.

Both women were released from jail and ordered to home incarceration with a GPS ankle monitoring device. Back in May, according to court documents, only Cheryl Logsdon was ordered by Judge John T. Alexander for the ankle device to be removed after a You Turn Court Monitoring company informed the court that she had completed the GPS monitoring program.

No court documents show any release for Bennett’s removal of the GPS device.

In April, Bennett was arrested after You Turn reported to the circuit court that she failed a drug test and was positive for methamphetamine, amphetamine, and benzodiapine, with the latter potentially stemming from a prescription. Bennett apparently disagreed, came back for a second test the same day, which also showed positive. She then requested the specimen be sent to a lab that would later show her levels were 693 ng/mL for methamphetamine with a cut off level of 20 ng/mL and amphetamine at 75 ng/mL with a cut off of 20 ng/mL.

Bennett was arrested shortly after for violating her bond conditions.

Bennett was ordered, in early June, to complete a 21-28 day treatment in Georgia for substance dependency and mental health, according to court documents. She flew by plane from Nashville, Tn. to Tallahassee, Fl. on June 9 before being transported by a driver with the facility to Moultrie, Ga.

At this time, it is unknown to the Progress what happened to Bennett between June and now, but attempts for more information will continue to be made.

In an order signed by Supreme Court of Kentucky Chief Justice Laurance VanMeter on August 29, 2023, retired Judge Phillip Patton was assigned to mediate both Bennett’s and Cheryl Logsdon’s felony murder charges, a move that would potentially be resolved behind closed doors.

The reason for a request for Patton to conduct a mediation is because “All parties have agreed to mediation,” according to court documents.

According to, “Felony mediation provides an out-of-court and timely procedure to process felony cases…[allowing] for a facilitated conversation between the prosecutor and the defendant regarding the defendant’s case.”

An investigation with the Glasgow Police Department began in July 2022 after police received complaints surrounding Mickey Logsdon’s death,

On July 9, 2022, one week after his 75th birthday, Mickey Logsdon was found deceased and an autopsy report from the state medical examiner’s office ruled his death a homicide.

Bennett, 46, was arrested back on November 3, 2022, after an indictment. Twenty days later, she was released with bond conditions including home incarceration with an ankle monitor due to health conditions.

Barren County District Judge Gabe Pendleton and Circuit Judge John Alexander were recipients of a letter penned from a nurse at the Barren County Detention Center shortly before her release stating Bennett had extensive medical issues and “requires more care that what [jail] staff can provide for her.” At that time, the jail claimed it was unsafe for her to remain in the facility.

Records reveal that Michael Logsdon, who was also paralyzed and suffered from with a progressive nervous system disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, succumbed to asphyxia and suffocation, and suspicious activity surrounding his ability to breathe through a BIPAP machine, a device that was keeping him alive at the time of his death.

His breathing machine had been powered off numerous times before being powered down for a final time for four hours, according to records from a subpoena.

Both women have been alleged to have participated in the powering down of Michael Logsdon’s breathing machine.

Records also reveal from last November that the wife, Cheryl Logsdon, told police at the time of her husband’s death that only she and Bennett were present when the machine was powered down.

Both are scheduled for a court appearance on September 25.

Special Prosecutor, Jason Rothrock, with the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office has not responded to the Barren County Progress despite attempts made.

More specifically, the Barren County Progress inquired to Rothrock with a question, as well as others, about whether or not there are safety concerns for the citizens of Barren County.

In documents obtained by the Progress, Rothrock provided communications to a family member that on September 8, Leighanne phoned You Turn and said she was submitting herself into a crisis unit at the Med Center in Bowling Green. However, the Med Center confirmed that the crisis unit was permanently closed around two months ago.

Updates will be provided as they become available.

Both Donna Lodgson (wife) and Leighanne Bennett (daughter) have been indicted with murder after allegedly killing Michael Logsdon in July 2022.

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