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First day of school photos

Special to the Edmonton Herald-News

Everyone (almost) looks excited for the first day of school in Metcalfe County on August 28th. We hope you look at these photos and think back and remember how excited and nervous you were on your first day of a new school year. Maybe you moved up to middle school or high school and didn’t know what to expect, but you had your friends and that made everything okay.

Adalynn Whitlow – 1st grade Photo by Metcalfe County Schools

Sophie Jeffries – Senior year Photo by Bennie Jeffries

Amberlinn Acree – 6th,, William Acree – 7th, and Brooklyn Acree – 10th grade Photo by GingerAcree

Braden Page – 10th, Jake Page – 7th grade, and their dog, Gabbi. Photo by Rhonda Harris Page

Josh Grant – 10th grade Photo by Tammatha Grant

Brackston Pennington – 10th, Bentley Pennington – 6th, Landon Pennington – 5th, and Alivia Pennington – 2nd grade. Photo by Johnna Pennington









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