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Hornets Begins to Swarm

Metcalfe celebrating after their 34-20 win at home last Friday. Picture courtesy of Keaton Jessie

By T.J. Morgan

Freelance Sports Writer


Coming off a 34-20 victory over Edmonson County (0-2), Metcalfe (1-1) faces the tall task of taking on the Campbellsville Eagles (2-0). Campbellsville defeated Owen County (0-2) 54-0 on opening night, then defeated Casey County (1-1) 35-6 last Friday night. Campbellsville has the makings of a well-rounded team, solid on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

The Hornets appear to be becoming more comfortable with every snap. After a rocky start to the season, Metcalfe appears to be finding their stride, playing their best football to finish the Edmonson County game. The Hornet offense will continue to rely heavily on senior quarterback Mason Estes, both airing it out and finding yards with his feet. As the offensive line gains experience, they will begin to create explosive plays for Mason and a cast of explosive play makers.

There is no doubt that the Hornets will have their hands full Friday night against a very capable Campbellsville team. However, after Metcalfe’s slow start, Campbellsville might be caught off guard by the Hornet’s Nest they find themselves walking into.

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