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Mammoth Cave Aquarium Expo

Waylon and Marlee Skidmore learned about geckos, fish, and more at the Mammoth Cave Aquarium Expo. Photo by Mary Beth Sallee.

By Mary Beth Sallee

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Axolotls, geckos, betta fish, and more made their way to Cave City as the Mammoth Cave Aquarium Expo came to town.

Held August 19-20, the expo gave vendors the chance to showcase their aquatic wildlife and products, while also providing the community with the opportunity to make purchases and acquire valuable information.

JP Merlo, who owns and operates Kentucky Fish and Tank Rescue (KFTR), organized the expo. He also hosts educational opportunities for children who attend.

This year, members of the HAWKS (Hart Adventures in Wisdom, Knowledge, & Success) Homeschool Cooperative attended the expo. Brennen Michael Morgan shared with the group about caring for guppies and fish in general.

“It’s (about) dedication and discipline,” Morgan said of raising guppies. “…It’s a great little project for kids. It teaches them responsibility.”

Vendors present at the expo also spoke with children about aquatic wildlife. Bluegrass Axolotls explained the lifespan and regenerative abilities of axolotls. Fishues Betta Rescue discussed the territorial personalities of betta fish. The booth of Winn Aquatics from Edmonton, Ky., was popular as children were able to hold and learn about geckos.

For additional information about future events, follow the Mammoth Cave Aquarium Expo page on Facebook.

Many attendees learned about the tegu lizard. Photo by Mary Beth Sallee

Brennen Michael Morgan shared his experience with raising and caring for guppies. Photo by Mary Beth Sallee.

Copeli Cremeens spent her time at the expo with a bearded dragon. Photo by Mary Beth Sallee.







Geckos were a huge hit with kids during the Mammoth Cave Aquarium Expo. Photo by Mary Beth Sallee.

Several axolotls from Bluegrass Axolotls were available for purchase. Photo by Mary Beth Sallee.








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