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Daniel Cameron visits Edmonton

Gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron speaking to the crowd on Friday. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


On Friday, people filed into the Metcalfe County Justice Center courtroom waiting for Daniel Cameron to arrive. The usual campaign assistants greeted folks as they arrived, signed in, and were seated.

The 51st Attorney General of Kentucky began his speech by saying how welcomed he had been by Metcalfe County back when he ran for Attorney General.

He stated that “All eyes will be on the Commonwealth” during the November elections as Kentucky is one of only three states holding elections for governor this year.

“Beshear has failed the state in education, the family unit, and crime,” noted Cameron pointing out that Governor Beshear released 1,700 criminals from jail in 2020 and already one-third of those are repeat offenders having committed new crimes.

“Beshear’s crime plan failed Kentuckians.”

“My crime plan is simple…I will support law enforcement,” he added that it is important to increase the recruitment of officers by offering bonuses for service and better wages. He plans to increase the use of new technology in the fight against drug trafficking by using tech to track Fentanyl abuse. He also noted that carjacking statues need to be created.

Cameron was also proud to announce that he had been endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police.

“Beshear failed to protect women’s sports by vetoing legislation… he also failed to protect our kids when he vetoed legislation to protect them.”

He spoke about the family’s struggles with daily cost increases at the gas pump and in grocery stores and how Kentucky’s working family is struggling to make ends meet. His plan includes lowering income tax to zero as quickly as possible for the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Next, Cameron spoke of how Beshear shut down schools and churches during Covid-19 and instead of sending law enforcement to fight crime he sent them to, “take down license plate numbers in church parking lots.”

Cameron filed legislation against Beshear’s executive orders that were discriminating against religious freedoms and got churches and schools opened back up. “Closing the schools left our children behind in education…I have a plan to catch up our children,” said Cameron, “My catch up plan focuses on reading, writing, and math.”

Cameron’s plan uses a fully funded tutoring program focusing on the three most important things, reading, writing, and math skills using a 16-week program of after-school and summer programs.

His education reform plan adds increased pay for teachers, removing bureaucracy from schools, and removing politics from the board of education.

Cameron ended by thanking everyone for listening and answering the crowd’s questions.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Davenport had their photo taken with gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron. Photo by PJ Martin

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