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Trojans upbeat as they prepare for season opener

By Thomas Wampler, Jobe Sports

The 2023 Barren County Trojans and Coach Tommy Muse were upbeat and looking forward to the season opener during a light workout last week. The Trojans were practicing in shoulder pads and helmets, preparing to watch film last Wednesday. Muse let the team go early for church, but the coach took time for an interview for the Barren County Progress fall sports reviews that will be featured in a future edition.

Look for the complete interview in the BCP fall sports football specials.

 “I am pleased with the progress we made in the spring and in the weightroom,” began Muse. “We started in the weightroom right after January and went four days a week. We got all our 8th graders and incoming freshmen lifting and, as a team, we made a big jump.”

“With the exception of one player, our offensive line is benching 250 or more,” continued Muse. “Our backs are all lifting around 200 pounds. We made some big gains and we hope that added strength helps us on the football field.”

“We can still improve in that area,” added the coach with a smile. “I’ll never think we are strong enough.”

Muse said they had a really good off-season and he was also pleased with the spring practices.

“We had some really good players to replace from last season,” he said. “But we kind of got that figured out and we’ve got one more scrimmage to finalize it. The kids we started in the Hart County scrimmage, a few of those are not starting tomorrow against Adair–we got some kids still fighting for a starting job.”

Barren County head coach, Tommy Muse, prepares his team to go inside and watch film. The Trojans were preparing for a scrimmage on the road at Adair County last week. At his side on the right kneeling, is starting BCHS quarterback Tate Spillman. 
Photo by T Wampler JPI Sports

“But that’s the way football is too,” added Muse. “We want kids fighting every day to get a job or keep a job.”

“We got four sophomores that are going to play a lot, but the rest of our team is juniors and seniors,” Muse said. “They just don’t have a lot of playing experience at the varsity level. Our offensive line is where we have the most varsity game experience.”

Muse talks more about the team and the leadership his seniors are providing in the upcoming fall sports BCHS special.

Muse also let a few of his key players talk about the progress the team was making as they prepared to scrimmage Adair County the following night.

“I think we are a lot more together as a team this year,” began senior Austin Sewell. “We want to win, and as a senior, I just want to play my best and help the team in any way I can. I’m going to give it everything I got.”

“As a quarterback, you have to be a leader out there,” said Tate Spillman. “We worked hard over the summer. I had an injury in June that sort of set me back, but I feel like we are pretty ready for the season to get started. We need to play better in the scrimmage tomorrow. That will be another good test for us.”

“My arm is healthy now,” Spillman continued. “I’m still doing physical therapy to keep it strong. We are anxious for the season opener.”

Three of Barren County High School standout senior football players: #58 Austin Sewell, #28 Cash Moore, and #5 Tate Spillman. The seniors stood together and took a break last week during practice as they prepared to travel to Adair County for a scrimmage the following night.
Photo by T Wampler JPI Sports

Spillman said he is pleased with his talented backs and receivers and looks forward to throwing the ball more this season. He also believes his offensive line has gotten stronger and will do a good job protecting him and giving him time to throw the football.

“The district is going to be tough just like in years past,” Spillman added. “But we are going into each game with the mindset to win.”

“Coming into my senior year motivated me even more,” said Cash Moore. “We want to win. We don’t want to go out our senior season with a losing record.”

Moore said the team is looking good and one thing he sees is that the 2023 team “has a lot of depth.”

“That depth is not throw away depth. That depth is very capable,” he added. “Regardless of whatever happens, injuries or whatever things happen, we will be fine.”

All three seniors look forward to the Trojan-Scottie game being reinstated on their schedule this season. “I’m glad we finally got the game back,” said Sewell. “I’ve been waiting to play them in football forever.”

“We have to take one game at a time, but it is one game you always look forward to when we play Glasgow in any sport,” said Spillman.

“I’m glad we get to play them before we graduate,” Moore said. “It is great for us and for our school and the fans.”

Barren County head coach Tommy Muse, directs the Trojans during practice last week. BCHS was preparing for a scrimmage on the road at Adair County the following night. Among the players pictured left to right, are #28 Cash Moore, #5Tate Spillman, #60 Charlie Poland, #3 Preston Pace and #58 Austin Sewel.
Photo by T Wampler JPI Sports

“We are a lot closer this season, just like Austin (Sewell) said,” Moore said. “Our line has made some big improvements and that is going to help us in every game.”

“Every player wants to be the best at their position and they have worked hard to reach their potential,” concluded Spillman. “We are ready to get started.”

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