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Diamond Colonelettes Prepare for First Performance

The motto of the Diamond Colonelettes is “Excellence, Poise, Elegance.” Photo submitted

“Excellence, Poise, Elegance” 

By Katrina England 

Reporter, Hart Co. News-Herald 


Those attending Caverna ball games can expect a forgotten tradition to make a return.   

 Caverna High School (CHS) has restarted their Majorette program, now named the Diamond Colonelettes, under the direction of Coach Jalen Woodard. 

 Three juniors, Kiana Kirk, Ajohanna Paul, and Genesis Garnett, make up the team. 

 “This team was a team years ago, but it was pushed out because of low participation, so we’re just bringing the program back,” explained Woodard. “I wanted to bring it back to build that sisterhood of girls, family, and being able to come on one accord and just dance. I wanted to bring morale and school spirit back.” 

 After speaking with other members of the school family, Woodard realized he wasn’t the only one looking forward to reviving the majorette-style of dance at Caverna. 

 “We all wanted a dance team, and Coach Jalen brought up majorette, and it was what we wanted to do to bring sisterhood to the school,” said Team Captain Kiana Kirk. 

 “This is the first time I’ve been able to do something that I’m interested in,” expressed Co-Captain Ajohanna Paul. 

 Woodard has a goal of changing the culture of the school, while Paul hopes it will bring open-mindedness to the school and community. 

 “We’ve had it before, but it still brings something new, because no one else around here has it, so it’s like a breath of fresh air,” added Genesis Garnett. “It’s not something you see around here, so it’s refreshing. It’s not the first, but right now, it’s new here, so it’s just fun to be a part of…It’s not something (people have) seen because it wasn’t around before. Now that we’re bringing it back, I feel like we’re going to get a good response. It’s not something they’ve seen repetitively, and we bring a lot of different dance styles and different music.” 

 The Diamond Colonelettes will be performing at the Heritage Festival and in local Christmas parades. 

 “We’ll be at every game,” said Woodard. “We’ll be marching in. We’ll be entering the stadium to certain songs with high energy.” 

 With a motto of “Excellence, Poise, Elegance,” the first official performance of the Diamond Colonelettes will be Saturday, August 26 at Caverna’s home football game.  

 “It’s been a really great decision,” said Woodard. “I’m thankful that the school board has been a huge part of this. They have provided everything thus far in the girls’ funding. Administration wise, we’ve had a really good response.” 

Kiana Kirk was already interested in a dance team when Coach Jalen Woodard brought up the possibility of restarting the majorette program. Photo submitted

Ajohanna Paul (pictured) is one of the three Diamond Comonelettes. Photo submitted

Genesis Garnett describes Caverna’s new majorette team, The Diamond Colonelettes, as “a breath of fresh air.” Photo submitted






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