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Garmon named new Scottie baseball coach

The 2024 Glasgow High School new Scottie baseball Coach, Camerin Garmon. Photo By T. Wampler Jobe Regional Sports

By Thomas Wampler Jobe Regional Sports

Glasgow Athletic Director, Bailey Alexander-Garmon, held a press conference last week to announce two new head coaches for spring sports in 2024. She began the program by thanking the administration for their help in the hiring and appointment process. The 2024 Glasgow High School Lady Scotties new softball Coach is Katie Arbec and the 2024 Scottie new baseball Coach is Camerin Garmon.

GHS did not have to look far to find their new baseball coach. For this position, they hired from within. Camerin Garmon is a Scottie through and through. After he graduated from GHS, he attended Western Kentucky University where he received a teaching degree in P.E. and Health. After college, Garmon set his sights on returning to his hometown to begin his coaching and teaching career, and that is exactly where he landed.

Garmon began teaching and coaching at Glasgow Middle School in 2016 before moving to the high school in 2019.

“Everything I do is for the kids,” Garmon responded when he was told that whether he was coaching as an assistant at the middle school or high school football teams or doing his duties as the head baseball coach at the GMS, he was always hustling and giving a 100% percent effort. “I want them to have a good experience. I want them to play on the best fields against the best teams.”

“When you see me running around, I am working hard to make this the best experience for them that I can,” he added. “That never changes, no matter where or what I am coaching, I expect that same type of hustle and effort from my players.”

Garmon says that 100% effort was something that was instilled in him during his formative years as a player growing up and playing in the Glasgow school system.

Alexander-Garmon thanked Coach Sam Royse for his 39 years leading the Baseball program.

Coach (Camerin) Garmon recognizes that he takes over from a legend, but sees that as positive not a negative.

“Coach Royse was a fixture here for all those years and I am thankful that the baseball program is in great shape,” he said. “He did an awesome job, but I am going to put my own touch on it (the baseball program), and put my own mark on some things. But at the end of the day, baseball is all about fundamentals and I’ll keep stressing that just like he did.”

Garmon said he wants his players to have a great attitude and those types of things will remain the same under his leadership.

When asked about the future of baseball scheduling for the Scotties baseball team, Garmon answered, “As long as you play the teams around here, you are going to get a quality schedule. Bowling Green is good. Barren just won our district. And the list of good teams in this area goes on and on.”

“Our district is tough,” Garmon continued. “I plan on playing the best of the best whenever and wherever I can.”

Garmon is not ready yet to announce his staff, but said he has already had some coaches reach out to him and he will finalize staffing positions closer to when workouts and practice begins. “I’m not going to turn down good help,” he added.

Garmon is also looking forward to being a part of the new stadium and having his players be the first to play in the new facilities that will encompass “Sam Royse Field.”

His goal is to continue the rich tradition that the Scottie baseball program has enjoyed for the last 40 years.

“Scottie baseball players will continue to be held to a high standard on and off the field,” he said. “I expect my players to have and maintain great attitudes through adversity, and have a consistent will to win.”

Garmon also said he wanted the GHS supporters to “continue to show up for these kids and the team” as he leads the Scottie baseball program into a new era.

As far as his coaching philosophy, “I think you have to evaluate your players, your team year-to-year and figure out what you do well and what you don’t, and play accordingly,” concluded Garmon. “I look forward to getting to work on baseball when the time comes. I am very grateful to have this coaching opportunity.”


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