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Carsyn’s Coloring Drive

The colorful life of Carsyn Drew Tucker continues to inspire and encourage others. Photo submitted

Mary Beth Sallee

Managing Editor

Hart Co. News-Herald


Carsyn Drew Tucker loved to color, whether it be coloring pages, the wall, or even herself.

“…When Carsyn Drew had a crayon or marker in her hand, you never knew what or where her next masterpiece would be,” said Carsyn’s mom, Leia Tucker.

Unfortunately, Carsyn was just three-years-old when she left this world. Although her time with her family was tragically cut short, her family has persevered to keep her memory – and colorful personality – shining for others through the Carsyn’s Coloring Drive. This has been held as a way to collect donations of crayons, coloring pencils, and markers for other children. Over the last three years, between 10,000 to 15,000 boxes have been distributed to local schools in all surrounding counties for back-to-school bashes, preschool and kindergarten graduations, counselor and therapist offices, and even treat bags. Each box of crayons, markers, and coloring pencils is adorned with a sticker of Carsyn’s smiling face.

“When a child gets a new box with Carsyn’s picture on it, I pray it not only makes them smile, but also that they feel and know they can not only create a picture of art with those crayons or markers but that they themselves are one of God’s masterpieces,” Leia said. “God has a plan and purpose for them no matter their size.”

Leia is a teacher at Red Cross Elementary in Barren County. This school year in particular is a difficult one as Carsyn would have started kindergarten this year.

Between 10,000 and 15,000 boxes of crayons, markers, and coloring pencils have been donated in memory of Carsyn Drew Tucker. Photo submitted.

“As a teacher, I walk into a building full of beautiful children every day, and I am so blessed that teaching is the profession God called me into,” Leia shared. “However, being a teacher who has lost a child can be very hard. I walk into a building every day full of children without one of my own that should be there as well. Some days are more of an emotional and mental battle than others as I look around at little ones wondering, ‘Would those have been Carsyn’s friends? Would those have been little ones coming to my house for sleepovers and birthday parties?’”

Leia said that after her sweet girl walked into the arms of Jesus, she wasn’t sure how she would still teach. Yet, she persevered, knowing that no matter how difficult the road ahead may be, quitting was not an option.

“I couldn’t give up the calling to teach that God had given me, and I couldn’t quit knowing Carsyn would’ve wanted me to go on,” Leia said. “I have been blessed to teach in Metcalfe, Hart, and Barren Counties. My children and I are proud Red Cross Mustangs currently. All educators have children walk into their classroom daily with an abundance of baggage they often times hide behind their strong appearances. An outsider may never know what they are overcoming each day they get up. Children have struggles just like adults. A lot of children don’t have everyone at home when they leave for the weekend or holiday breaks. One thing I am open about with my school kids is that just because I am their teacher doesn’t mean I have it all together all the time. I have hard days. My weekends and holidays aren’t free from painful moments. I want them to know they are seen and heard no matter what their story holds. Carsyn Drew made and still makes a difference in just 3 1/2 years on this Earth. She helps me to show my students that no matter their size, age, or ability, they can also make a difference in this world, and it may just start with their smile.”

Some moments are more difficult than others for Leia and her family, but they continue to remember that even broken crayons still color.

“Knowing my sweet baby is still touching lives means more than words can explain,” Leia said. “God had a big purpose for such a small, feisty little girl – a purpose that I don’t believe we have even fully seen yet. I will never be able to thank God enough for choosing me as her Mama, but I can and will continue to spread Carsyn’s smile and the joy she brought as a way to glorify HIM and to praise HIM for the blessings HE bestows upon me that I am undeserving of.”

“I have not lost my sweet Carsyn,” Leia continued. “She is not here with me physically, and my bond with her is very different than my bond with her big brother and sister, Levi and Carlie, but I know she is just in a different place. Carsyn Drew is more alive than any of us here on this Earth. My hope is found in knowing she is safe in the arms of my savior, Jesus Christ. Although I fail Him daily, I know without a doubt I will hold my sweet girl again, and what a reunion it will be. Until then, I pray God gives me strength and guidance to continue sharing her beautiful smile and watch her continue to make our world a brighter place.”

Although it’s been two years since Carsyn Drew Tucker left this earthly world, she is still shining as a beacon of light for others – a light that continues to brighten communities, a light that encourages others to live a vibrant and colorful life. #itwascarsyn

Carsyn Drew Tucker loved to color, whether it be coloring pages, the wall, or even herself as seen on her face in this photo. Photo submitted.

Carsyn Drew Tucker, center, is still making a positive impact on others, including her older siblings Carlie and Levi. Photo submitted.


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