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Money, Money, Money

Industrial Board Chairman Wes Jolly requested that the fiscal court transfer the next RDAAP funds over to the Industrial Board for use on loan payments. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Metcalfe County fiscal court held its regular meeting on July 25th with all the magistrates in attendance.

First on the agenda was Wes Jolly, Chairman of the Industrial Development Authority (IDA), who requested that the TVA/RDAAP funds for 2024 which are approximately $153,838 be transferred over to the Edmonton-Metcalfe Industrial Development Authority. Jolly specified that the funds are earmarked for payments of loans acquired for the completion of the Pennington Stave Company (PSC).

The IDA plans to use the money to pay the $38,686.26 back to the City of Edmonton, the $38,686.26 back to the fiscal court, the BRADD loan of $47,047.60, and the remaining on the principal of the Edmonton State Bank loan.

If the transfer of the funds is approved by the fiscal court, a Resolution and vote are required.

Magistrate Kevin Crain asked if the money could be used for other projects by the fiscal court and Jolly replied that it must be administered through an SPG and the only SPG in the county is the Industrial Board plus the funds can only be used for economic development.

Crain also asked if it was a requirement to use all the RDAAP money at one time or if it could be held over to which Treasurer Page Edwards replied that the funds could be held over from one year to another.

Also, with PSC producing and selling staves, the grant payback is due to begin. A five-member board will need to be set up, but to get details the court would need to reach out to Emily at BRADD.

Office Manager Lynn Lunz presented the fiscal court with the Sheriff’s Office 2022 local tax settlement. Photo by PJ Martin

The Metcalfe County Sheriff’s office represented by office manager Lynn Lunz presented the 2022 tax settlement to the fiscal court. A copy of that settlement accompanies this article.

Rural Roads

The court approved a resolution adopting and approving the execution of a Rural Secondary Program Agreement between the fiscal court and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Transportation Cabinet, Department of Rural and Municipal Aide. This agreement is done each year. The amount of funding for rural and secondary roads is $203,448. It is important to note that the magistrates do not select the road to receive the work. A larger list is presented to the Transportation Department and they select what they feel are the worst roads. The following roads will receive the repairs.

Beechville Road – 2.965 miles

Blue Springs Pennington Road – 1.224 miles

Cedar Flat Curtis Road – 5.269 miles

Clarence Harper Road – .757 mile

Elbert Fields Road –.279 mile

Ferris Creek Road – 2.157 miles

Goodluck Beaumont Road – 4.033 miles

Goodson School Cyclone Road – 1.306 miles

Hubbard Cemetery Road – 1.430 miles

Jimmy Hubbard Road – 1.655 miles

Milton Downs Road – .721 mile

Old Kessler Ridge School Road – 1.858 miles

Other business

The Metcalfe County Conservation District set their 2023 tax rate of 0.016 (unchanged) at the meeting held on July 20th and presented the documentation to the fiscal court.

The budget, inter-fund transfers, and claims were approved.

The road, DES, and recycling reports were submitted to the magistrates for review.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8th at 9 a.m. and this meeting can be viewed in its entirety at the county’s Facebook page

Chart | Metcalfe Co. Sheriff’s Office



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