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Peaceful protesters descend on Glasgow over murder charge; motion to dismiss charges filed

By Allyson Dix, Managing Editor / Barren County Progress

Relatives and friends gathered on the courthouse lawn to peacefully protest on Monday morning voicing their opposition for the release of a Glasgow man who is currently facing murder charges.

Roger L. Noland of Scottsville was shot and killed on the evening of Feb. 10. According to the arrest citation, James E. Campbell told police that a verbal altercation occurred, which “led to [Campbell] discharging a firearm, striking [Noland], causing the victim to succumb to the injury.”

Kelly Claypool, the mother of Noland’s two sons, told the Barren County Progress on Monday that she wants the community to know that Noland was loved.

Roger Lee Noland succumbed to injuries after sustaining a gunshot fired by James E. Campbell on Feb. 10, 2023. Photo submitted

“I want people to know that he did have a family, he did have children, he was loved, and he was important,” Claypool said, “I’m here today because of my boys.”

Davis shared that he’s the stepfather of Noland’s children (ages 11 and 14) although he said he sees them as his kids and it is important for him to advocate for the children’s biological father.

“These kids, my boys, they’re scared because they don’t know they have a voice and they think their dad is not worth anything because a man is walking free in this community who had enough evidence to be indicted for killing a man in cold blood,” Davis said.

Campbell was released on a $500,000 unsecured bond on March 29.

“We’re here today to figure out why a judge seems to let a man loose in the community in exchange for a promise that he will return to court,” Davis said.

Claypool and Davis traveled over 200 miles from North Middletown, a town similar to Glasgow, on Monday alongside the two sons.

“It messes with the kids’ minds mentally and that’s why we’re here to let them know it’s okay to say something,” Davis said, “This is what our amendments are, this is what we’re supposed to do if you don’t have a voice and that’s why I’m here.”

Davis hopes that by showing up “by five, we touch 5,000.”

“Stepping out and saying something, it might touch somebody else.”

On July 18, a motion to dismiss claiming self-defense was filed in the Barren County Circuit Court by the defendant’s attorney Johnny Bell. The motion states Campbell denies he was wanton or reckless in believing that his use of force was necessary.

Barren County Circuit Judge John Alexander presides over the case and the next hearing on the motion to dismiss is set for next Monday, July 31, at 1:00 p.m.

Relatives and friends of Roger Lee Nolan are attempting to bring awareness to the community of Glasgow after Noland was shot and killed on February 10 and the suspect charged, James E. Campbell, was released in March. From left, AJ Johnson, Dillon Hunt, a son of Roger Noland, William Davis, Kelly Claypool, Audrie Johnson, and Amanda Johnson. JPI Photo by JR Jessie

Family and friends of Roger Lee Noland were present on Monday displaying signs in a peaceful protest voicing opposition to the release of the man who is charged with Noland’s murder. JPI Photo by JR Jessie

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  1. Judy McKinney on August 8, 2023 at 7:26 pm

    I hope these kids get justice for their Dad, the murderer is he kin to the judge? Something isn’t right.

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