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UPDATE: Kentucky’s SB 150 banning gender surgery for minors in full effect

Judge David J. Hale of the United States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky Official State Photo

Gubernatorial Candidate and Attorney General Daniel Cameron Official photo

By Chelene Nightingale

Jobe Publishing, Inc.

A few weeks ago, Jobe Publishing, Inc. reported on new Kentucky laws that went into effect on June 29. One of the new laws we cited in our report was SB 150, which opponents call “the anti-trans law”. The bill was written to protect children and parental rights. The law bans gender surgery for all minors under the age of 18.

However, a day before this new law was to be activated, Obama-appointed Judge David J. Hale temporarily blocked it citing in his ruling, “Based on the evidence submitted, the court finds that the treatments barred by SB 150 are medically appropriate and necessary for some transgender children.”

Since Judge Hale’s ruling, the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a similar ruling in Tennessee. The Sixth Circuit Court’s ruling reinstated a similar ban of gender surgery in our neighboring state. Due to this ruling, on Friday, July 14, Judge Hale temporarily reinstated all portions of SB 150. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to rule on Kentucky’s SB 150 on September 30. Thus, for now, SB 150 is officially law and in full effect.

Following this announcement, Governor Andy Beshear tweeted, “Hatred and division only make us weaker, but love, kindness, and acceptance bring us closer together and make us stronger. Let’s do what’s right and lead with love, Kentucky.”

The ACLU of Kentucky released the following statement: “While we strongly disagree with this opinion, it is only in effect while our appeal is pending in front of the Sixth Circuit. It is not the final word, and we remain optimistic that with a full briefing, we will achieve a positive result.”

In contrast, Attorney General Daniel Cameron, also the Republican challenger for Kentucky Governor, published a one-page press release on Friday, July 14, “Attorney General Cameron Celebrates Ruling on Kentucky Law that Protects Children from Experimental Gender Transition Treatments.” In the press release, Daniel Cameron stated, “Today’s ruling is a win for parents and children. I’m grateful to the district court for doing what the law requires, which is protecting Kentucky kids from the irreversible harm that these experimental drug treatments would cause. Moving forward, my office will continue to defend Senate Bill 150 and stand up for the right of children to be children, free from the influences of leftist activists and radical gender ideology.”

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