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Ambulance Woes

Mr. Fay Neal was presented with an award from the EMS Board of Directors for his years serving as chairman and his many contributions to the BMEMS. Pictured (L-R): Metcalfe J/E Larry Wilson, Barren J/E Karisa Peterson, Executive Director Joe Middleton, Board Chairman Emeritus Fay Neal, Vice-Chairman Neil Thornbury, Director Garland Gilliam, and Director Jackie Brown. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Barren-Metcalfe County Emergency Medical Services Board of Directors met on Wednesday, April 28th at the TJ Samson Community Center.

Moving down the agenda, the Barren-Metcalfe Emergency Medical Services Board (BMEMS) Executive Director Joe Middleton presented Mr. Fay Neal with an award in appreciation for his many years of service to the community as chairman of the BMEMS board of directors.

Middleton stated that ambulance #509 was taken to Bailey Gibson for the replacement of the manifold gasket. The storm that caused so much damage to the area on Sunday the 25th flooded the car lot leaving the ambulance in around 4 feet of water.

“That ambulance is a complete loss,” stated Middleton adding, “We need to get that ambulance replaced. We need to get an ambulance back on the road.”

The previously used ambulance vendor has a demo model ready. It is $149,000 and the main difference is a smaller box compartment size.

He asked for approval to purchase that ambulance and use it for a replacement until the 3 that are ordered arrive. Once the others arrive, this one can be moved to the BLS crew to do convalescent runs. The board voted to declare the need as an emergency and authorize the purchase of the demo ambulance.

Vice chairman Thornbury asked about the insurance claim for the flooded ambulance. Middleton replied that the agreed upon value was $125,000 and the service will receive 75% of that $93,750. He noted that anything that can be salvaged from the ambulance and used on another is considered portable property which is covered at 100% minus a $500 deductible.

He also noted that the amount of insurance coverage was increased to $175,000 due to the increased cost of ambulances.

“We’ve got to replace every piece of electronic equipment that’s in this truck (ambulance),” explained Middleton. The estimate from our regular vendor Stryker is $143,755. “Which basically means that the ambulance running down the road is valued at $300,000.”


Finance and Operations Reports

Executive Secretary/Treasurer Shawn Estes presented the April cash receipts as $5,056,835 minus total expenses of $4,815,003 for a net income of $241,833.

Estes then presented the May cash receipts as $5,363,874 minus total expenses of $5,369,460 for a net income of $216,791.

Middleton presented the operations reports with April YTD runs totaling 3,544. The total April runs in Barren County was 697 and in Metcalfe County 126.

May ended with a YTD total of 4,430 with 756 runs in Barren County and 130 in Metcalfe County for the month.

The board went into a short closed session and returned with no action presented.

The next meeting of the board is scheduled for August 23rd at 4 p.m. at TJ Samson Community Center.


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