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FY Ends – FY Begins

By PJ Martin 


The Herald-News 


The Metcalfe County Fiscal Court met on Tuesday, June 27th with everyone in attendance except Emergency Management Director Emory Kidd. 

The first order of business was to approve the FY23-24 Salary Schedule Order # 23-0627-1. The fiscal year begins July 1, 2023, and ends June 30, 2024, and this order reappoints the county employees. The schedule was approved unanimously. 

Next, the four-year term for the County Treasurer’s position ends June 30th and the magistrates unanimously reappointed Page Edwards as the County Treasurer for the next four years. 

The County Policy and Procedures Manual, which has remained unchanged, was adopted for the FY 23-24 year by a unanimous vote. 

Road Supervisor Chris Compton along with two others were scheduled to look at the Ferguson Road situation to determine if it was feasible to remove it from the county road maintenance list; however, with the weather damage from the Sunday night storms, the crew was needed to clear debris and trees from the area roads. The item has been held over to the next meeting. 


Magistrate Ronnie Miller asked, “Page this is a question for you. On that ARPA money, can we get some of that out? Got people wantin’ water lines.” 

 Edwards replied, “We have put all our ARPA funds over into the general fund,” to which Miller repeated, “Can we get it out?” 

 Edwards answered, “I know back in previous administrations, they did some water lines, we’re still paying on them. We get no revenue off that.” 

 “Can we pull $30,000 out?” stated Miller again to which Edwards replied, “Well, that would be up to you all, but it’s listed in general fund now. It’s lost its ARPA…We moved it over to the general for lost revenue.” 

 Edwards explained, “As bad as covid was, it saved the county. All the government funding saved the county.” 

 It was suggested that he check with the water department and Miller stated that he did and it would cost $30,000 to run the water line. Magistrate Daniel Bragg stated that he would check with BRADD about any available grants that could be applied for. 

Other items 

Judge/Executive Larry Wilson asked Jailer Randall Shive if he had checked on the ankle monitor. Shive replied that the representative stated that they would present a presentation to the court if needed. 

Wilson advised that it is needed, because the jail bill is running $25,000 – $30,000 a month. County Attorney Sharon Howard and Wilson agreed that the judge would need to be asked before using the ankle monitors as the judge has the ultimate decision. 

The claims, budget, and inter-fund transfers were viewed and approved. 


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