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Back to business

By PJ Martin 


The Herald-News 


The Edmonton Metcalfe Industrial Development Authority met on June 19th with everyone in attendance. 

 The final phase of the South Industrial Park project came to a conclusion with Pennington Stave Company officially opening its door on Monday, June 12th with 40 employees. 

 The Promissory Note for Pennington Stave Company has been signed and the utilities have now been transferred over to PSC as well. 

 There was a bit of discussion about the disposal of a cement slab pile on the back of the S. Industrial Park property. The waste cement was placed there by the subcontractors after they had to redo a defective cement slab they poured to be used for the equipment. No action was taken as it is not an immediate problem. 

 The group approved the KACO 2023-24 KALF renewal which is the insurance for the board plus the building at the South Industrial Park. The amount of the annual payment premium is due August 1st in the amount of $4,621 (including a 10% discount). 

 The minutes from the May 15th meeting and the finance report were approved. The next meeting is scheduled for July 17, 2023, at 2 p.m. at the Edmonton City Hall. 


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