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Locals are praying for revival in Barren County

By Chelene Nightingale, JPI Reporter

On a lovely and clear Sunday night in May, on the serene and beautiful Born Again Camping grounds in Barren County, a big tent was erected for the first night of worship in hopes to spark a revival in the region. Born Again property co-owner, Peggy Davidson, declared, “Like the movie FIELD OF DREAMS, we felt the calling – ‘build it and they will come’ and that is what we pray happens.”

Peggy and her husband, Tony, greeted guests as they arrived for the first night of the tent revival. The Pleasant Valley Baptist Church singers joyfully praised God with classic hymns like “Amazing Grace”. The small but faithful gathering joined in singing, praying, and worshiping during the two hours of outdoor church.

Born Again Camping Property Owner, Peggy Davidson, starts the revival with prayer.
Photo by Chelene Nightingale

After a time of praise and worship, ten different preachers stood at the pulpit for a period of ten minutes each to teach and glorify the word of God. Cave Spring Baptist Church’s Brother Cody Jolly was the very first preacher of the evening. He proclaimed, “It’s God’s choice for revival to happen. Tonight we are desiring a revival, an outpouring from God. We need to believe in the power of prayer and praise Him first.”

Other pastors who spoke during the first tent revival night included Brother Robby Ward from Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Brother Grover Dean, Pastor Ray Woody, Wayne Wilson, Mark Johnson, Donny Wilson, and Billy Davis. One of the most moving moments of the evening occurred when Brother Sparks arose from his chair and sang all the way from his chair to the pulpit area:“Some sweet day when we get home, Sweet Jesus when I get home…” He continued in a sing-song manner, “I will go home and be well satisfied on what I heard tonight. The Lord is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us.”

A missionary from the Philippines, Brother Bryan Reboldera, sparked the night with a passionate message, “Revival will happen when God’s people do more to stand up for God! We are on the winning side and this should excite us. But Christians are not acting excited, not doing enough! And we are running out of time.”

Throughout the evening the messages were consistent regarding the darkness of the current state of immorality in our culture. Each of the preachers encouraged Christians to pray, to read the word of God, and to boldly rise up with courage to stand against the darkness. Pastor Dean warned that it was not just the unbeliever for whom Christians needed to be concerned about, but also to be concerned about the people within the churches. He said, “We have a great crisis in America because the church needs work. Our churches have become zoos instead of flocks. We see goats not sheep.”

Pastor Cody Jolly from Cave Spring Baptist Church in Horse Cave commences the revival.
Photo by Chelene Nightingale

Brother Mark Johnson added, “The church is getting more and more empty and yet Christians are still sitting. It’s time to stand up!” Brother Davis concluded the evening by confirming, “God is still calling people to repent.”

For the past few months, revival has been on the tongues and hearts of many across America after a revival sparked at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. Jobe Publishing, Inc. visited the Asbury Revival and wrote about it in February. Since Asbury, other colleges, including Western Kentucky University shared reports of revivals breaking out. Hollywood even released the film “Jesus Revolution” in February about the Jesus movement of the 1970s.

However, since February, America has been facing a spiritual battle as parents rise up to protect their children. In addition, Americans from all political affiliations and spiritual beliefs have reached a breaking point in the culture wars and boycotting corporations like Bud Light, Target, and Disney causing massive financial losses for those companies.

It is due to these current events which inspired Tony and Peggy Davidson to pitch up a big tent on their property and pray for a revival. JPI asked the Davidson’s how long will they host the tent worship on their property and Tony answered, “Until God says it’s over!”

The Davidson’s will host the tent revival at the Born Again Campgrounds at 236 Groce Cemetery Road in Glasgow. The tent services begin at 6:30 p.m. nightly, Sunday through Saturday. For more information call (270) 404-5523. All who love Jesus or seeking answers are encouraged and welcomed to attend.

Tent Revival guests arriving before the event begins.
Photo by Chelene Nightingale

Brother Sparks sings praises as the sun goes down and the stars appear.
Photo by Chelene Nightingale


Missionary Bryan Reboldera fires up the evening.
Photo by Chelene Nightingale


  1. Rich Mohr on June 6, 2023 at 11:14 am

    Thank you for publishing such information.
    With todays political climate of fear and apprehension of such views, it’s refreshing to read of such events.
    America will survive this time of darkness with a better understanding of what we have tolerated for decades.
    Sincerely and unashamedly an American!
    Rich Mohr

  2. DK Taylor on June 6, 2023 at 5:31 pm

    Just saw this, I know the Davidson. They love God. They don’t just talk about the love , the mercy and the grace of God. They live it, by being humble. I think we as God’s children have forgotten to be humble. I think we give up to fast. I know I’m not on my knees like I use to be. In the past when I go down to pray I prayed until I reach the thorn of God. And that may not be just my problem, Cause you see I got saved July 8, 1968 . I was 11 years old. I’m now 66 years old. But I’ve never forgot that day. I grew up in the Church I’ve always know the way. But I’ve become to relaxed sometimes. And that’s a sin against God. And that my sisters and brothers in the Lord , in the family of God is the problem. Cause I know we are never to stop doing for God, we are his army! But we are weak, and getting weaker every day. This includes
    me. Because if one is not working then one goes hungry, SPIRITUALLY HUNGRY and as for me I need to sreach myself, God’s word tells us Judge yourself ; And if we cannot then He will ! I’ve had God Judge me. And it was hard.
    We must eat SPIRITUAL Food. Without it we die SPIRITUALLY.
    You know our Kentucky state flag states these words, ” UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL”. Ever wonder where that saying came from, before it landed on our state flag. It came many many many years back when the Baptist Church was in trouble came about because of spitting sister Baptist churches it was a dark time . But the people of the baptism prayed , and prayed for help from on high, great power fell upon the Baptist churches, not all sister churches came back. But those that did those that stay with the word of God. Those that prayed , saw agreat revivals year after year. And huge increase in the churches. They ate the true spiritual food . The churches are in trouble, and have been for several years.
    God needs us all. With the spirit we can do all things. God’s house is the mother , God is the father, And the son, Jesus is the blood needed to cover the children.

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