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Kindness sparks new business for Bradley

Allyson Dix, Managing Editor / Barren County Progress

Generous acts of kindness are how Bradley Brown sparked the idea to start his own business.

Bradley’s Lawn Care Services is already showing steady growth. Bradley plans to spend his summer providing his services while also growing his own business.
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When he noticed his neighbor, who is also a veteran, was unable to trim the weeds around his yard, Bradley decided he wanted to help him out. Despite the neighbor insisting he pays him for his work, Bradley declined but eventually, the two negotiated a $5 payment.

Bradley just graduated 6th grade and celebrated his 12th birthday last week. When asked where his inspiration of helping others stems from, Bradley said, “I just thought it would be something nice to do.”

Bradley may be a man of few words but actions speak louder than words.

At only 12 years old, Bradley has already set goals and prices for his new lawn care business. His price is set at $10 for weekly weedeating but veterans get 50% off of his services. For senior citizens 65 and older, he serves them for free.

He is the son of Bobby and Cody Brooke Brown and Bobby said after Bradley started earning money, he started realizing he could earn more money by doing more work. The economic lessons have already impacted him as well.

When it comes to paying forward kindness with his free and discounted services for senior citizens and veterans, Bradley told his dad that he sees it as a way for people to spread the word about his new lawn care service.

For now, Bradley is earning money a little at a time with his hard work and some donations, but he has a vision for the future with his new business.

“My goal is to buy a riding mower,” Bradley shared.

Bradley’s Lawn Service is now ready for the opportunity to push mow some small yards now, another step of growth in his work.

“It’s been pretty cool how the community has come together with it,” Bobby said referring to some of the donations Bradley has received. He even received a donation from someone in Missouri after social media friends shared Bobby’s advertising for Bradley online.

Bradley’s first customer, Chandra Wesson, shared on Facebook, “This guy will go places. He diligently worked hard and efficient…100% impressed with all he did.”

Wesson pointed out Bradley has a sincere desire to accomplish the goals he has made in his life.

His head start on life looking to give back to his community doesn’t go unnoticed. Something that started as an innocent act of kindness has grown into something more for Bradley.

It serves as a reminder that kids are capable of all kinds of wonderful things when given opportunities and this has given Bradley the chance to learn a lot about life at an early age.

To inquire about Bradley’s Lawn Care Services or schedule with him, please call (270) 861-5813.

Summer brings a lot of needed yard work with it and 12-year-old Bradley Brown is taking the opportunity to accomplish growing his own lawn care business while also giving back to his fellow veterans and senior citizens at the same time.
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