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To build or not to build

Cathy Nunn speaking on behalf of others who do not want the stage built. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Metcalfe County Fiscal Court met on Tuesday, May 23rd with all in attendance.

Cathy Nunn addressed the court as a citizen of Metcalfe County speaking for others who do not want a stage built in the historic courthouse yard. She stated, “We don’t feel like the building is necessary.” Explaining that several people have voiced concerns about the stage taking away from the beautiful courtyard and the fear that trees might be removal. She suggested that a town hall meeting be held to hear opinions from the people before making a decision.

Nunn stated,” My plea to you all today is to resend and let us have a town hall meeting so you can really field what the feelings are in the county about the building.”

Judge/Executive Larry Wilson replied, “How about you all have your town hall meeting and then we can, after that’s done, we can add you to the agenda.” Nunn agreed.

Magistrate Kevin Crain asked, “How far along in the process are we [stage committee]?”

Magistrate Daniel Bragg is also on the Chamber Board and answered from that perspective, “They’ve raised about half of the money. The design has been completed. Nothings actually been constructed.”

He pointed out that if the stage were not constructed, the money raised thus far would have to be given back to the donors. He added that the Chamber’s stage project has been before the court on three different occasions.

Bragg stated that he is trying to explain from the Chamber of Commerce’s view point, “I know there are people who say they don’t want it now, but for years the number one complaint the chamber got was that we needed a stage.” Adding that there were polls sent out to the community and the response was that we needed a stage.

“The gazebo wouldn’t be there. It would be setting up between where the gazebo is and bathrooms used to be, so there wouldn’t be any tree cut down at this time. That’s not in the plans,” explained Bragg.

Next, Jailer Randal Shive who had asked to be put on the agenda at the last meeting, asked that another deputy jailer be hired. He stated, “I’ve got one part-time transportation officer and he can only work 100 hours a month. You can break that down to the weeks, that’s 23 hours a week. That leaves me 145 hours. We run 24/7.”

Shive noted that he sought out funding sources and found that the state will pay .45 cents per mile to transport prisoners with felony charges. This has brought in $1,140 in April and for May to date $891. This could pay for another part-time officer who is paid $9,600 a year. The court approved the hiring of another transportation officer.

Supply Bids

After inspecting the bids opened at the May 9th meeting, the magistrates were able to select for the annual supplies.

Crushed stone and gravel was awarded to Burton Stone for $7.15/ton with the exception of washed stone which was awarded to Gaddy Shamrock for $18/ton.

Asphalt: plant mix was awarded to Scotty’s Contracting along with contracted patching

Road Oil: was awarded to Asphalt Materials Inc.

Chip Seal: Gaddy Shamrock

Rock Hauling: Mark Rock Trucking for $7.50/ton from Glasgow suppliers

The financial statement, budget, inter-fund transfers, and claims were approved and the DES, Recycle Center, and Road Department reports were made available to the Magistrates for review.

A special called meeting is scheduled for May 30th and the next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 13, 2023.

Jailer Randall Shive explaining the schedule restraints requiring another transportation officer. Photo by PJ Martin




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