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Project Overview

Donaldson Torit has installed the replacement dust collection equipment. Photo | PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton Metcalfe Industrial Development Authority (IDEA) met on May 15th. Donna Caffee and Matt Gallagher were unable to attend.

The final project cost overview for the Pennington Stave Project was presented as:

Vendors Invoice Amount
BRADD $     22,500
MSE of KY, Inc. $   153,000
Smith Land Surveying $       4,950
Precision Engineering $       3,900
Scott, Murphy & Daniel $2,389,709.58
Total Expenditures to Date $2,574,059.58
Funds (Grants)
CDBG 19-059 $1,000,000
ARC Grant $   616,900
IDA Funds $   957,159.58
Total Funds to Date $2,574,059.58


The Promissory Note has been sent to the PS&C’s lawyer. The note is for $1,479,259.58 which includes all cost overruns. The lawyer has advised not signing the Promissory Note until PS&C receives a full Certificate of Occupancy.

As noted previously, the hold-up on issuing the certificate is a stamp that is required on the architectural drawing to the state. Once that is received and approved, a final inspection can be completed and the certificate issued. Wes Jolly put it simplest, “It’s all over a stamped drawing from the engineer.”

The company that built the dust collection system, Donaldson Torit has delivered and installed the replacement dust collection equipment that was damaged earlier during trials.

The minutes from the April 17th meeting and the finance report were approved. The next meeting is scheduled for June 19, 2023, at 2 p.m. at the Edmonton City Hall.

UPDATE: The stamped engineer drawings were received on Wednesday, May 17th and MSE will be submitting them to the state which means the Certificate of Occupancy should be issued very soon.


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