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Farmers Market Funds

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Metcalfe County Fiscal Court met on Tuesday, May 9th with everyone in attendance.

The first order of business was annual supply bids. The bid envelopes were opened and read to those in attendance by Judge/Executive Larry Wilson. There were 3 bids received for crushed stone and gravel, and only one bid was received for each asphalt, road oil, chip seal, and rock hauling. The magistrates will take time to look at each and a decision will be announced at the next meeting on May 23rd.

Ken Childers spoke with the court about the Farmers Market Community Partners Program. The market participates in several programs aimed at getting fresh fruits and vegetables to residents. Programs such as WIC by USDA, Senior Vouchers by the Dept. of Agriculture, the SNAP program, and the Double Dollars Program which is partially funded by the Dept. of Agriculture, but the double dollars funding runs out in about three weeks, because the state only funds $1,300. The current eight community partners help to fund the double dollars program the rest of the season and Childers asked the county to contribute $1,000 to the program.

Childers noted that there is a new program starting this year in conjunction with the school system call the Youth Nutrition Program. Each child will receive a $5 coupon to use for food and the Extension Office is partnering with the Farmers Market to work with the families with recipes, nutrition information, etc.

Childers reported, “The market has more than doubled in three years as far as volume goes. The annual sales in 2019, for the market was $30,471. Sales last year were $60,438. Its growing by leaps and bounds and this is why it’s growing.”

The magistrates unanimously approved to contribute $1,000 to the Community Partners Program.

County Clerk Shannon Fields addressed the court with a memorandum concerning precinct redistricting, which she explained was done each time a census is held. The past routine has been to select three people to represent the districts, however, there are four districts in the county and that was questioned by Magistrate Daniel Bragg.

County Attorney Sharon Howard is going to look into the wording versus the actual to determine if it could be amended. The motion was made for the advertisement of the notice per KRS 67-045 and was approved pending any changes found by Howard.

The actual redistricting work is carried out by the BRADD office at a cost of $3,500. The redistricting is done using population numbers and not by registered voters.

Next, the court discussed the request to adopt the Firkins Cemetery Road after the road was examined by the Road Supervisor Chris Compton. The magistrates voted to approve the adoption of the road into the county road maintenance program.

Tracy Closi came before the court to request the closure of a portion [264 feet] of Bald Hill Road. The magistrates had been spoken to by other residents of the county and were told of pending litigation concerning the road. Closi stated she was unaware of any litigation and explained that they owned both sides of the roadway and lived at the end of it.

The process to begin the closing of the road section was explained, but due to the possibility [no paperwork to back it up was noted] of litigation and protesting by individuals, it was decided to wait until that is settled before doing anything further. The subject died for lack of a motion.

The court went into a short closed session for a Personnel issue per KRS 61.810 (1) (f).

Due to the resignation of Finance/Occupational Tax Officer Lorrie Boston on May 1st, the court approved the removal of her as a signer on the county’s checking accounts at Edmonton State Bank.  

 The court then approved the addition of Winston Harbison as a signer on the county’s checking accounts at Edmonton State Bank. Harbison is the new part-time Finance/Occupational Tax Officer. 

 The financial statement, budget, inter-fund transfers, and claims were approved and the DES, Recycle Center, and Road Department reports were made available to the Magistrates for review.

Other business

Jailer Randal Shive asked to be put on the next agenda to discuss the hiring of another deputy. It was noted that Shive has sought out funding sources. He has filed the paperwork necessary to receive 45 cents per mile for the transporting of prisoners with felony charges and for April received $1,140.

Solid Waste Coordinator Scotty Mosby noted that Saturday is household waste collection day.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 23rd, but a special meeting may be scheduled before that date.

Tracy Closi requesting the closure of part of Bald Hill Road. Photo by PJ Martin


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