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Recreational Trails Program

City Attorney Brian Pack reviewing policy updates as (background) council members Stacy Beard, Teresa Hamlett, and Curt Estes, and (at table) Superintendent Moe Hensley listen intently. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton City Council met on Monday, May 1st with all members in attendance.

The council members approved Resolution #2022-23-04 allowing the application to the Department of Local Government for the Recreational Trails Program grant. Mayor Doug Smith stated that the grant would be used to resurface the existing walking trail and parking lot at the Edmonton Memorial Park.

The program limit is 80% of the proposed trails project estimated at $148,991. The resolution also approves the holding of an estimated $29,798.20 back to cover the 20% matching percentage of the Recreational Trails Program grant, if the city receives the grant monies.

Public Works Superintendent Moe Hensley presented the Water, Sewer, and Gas Department report stating that the dept. is currently waiting on materials to put fences around the water tank sites. He pointed out that Metcalfe resident Wesley Collins was in attendance and is asking that the city take over the 3” water line on Mystic Road, a public road. Hensley noted that the Division of Water had not approved the line yet and easements would need to be signed. The council approved pending the Division of Water approval.

Edmonton Police Chief Delaney Wilson gave the April activity report which consisted of 19 arrests, 10 non-injury accidents, 2 alcohol intoxications, 1 alarm, 3 animal complaints, 59 citations written, 4 domestic disputes, 1 DUI, 1 fight, 3 incomplete 911 calls, 3 investigations, 2 motorists assisted, 2 medical assists, 3 drug complaints, 62 traffic stops, 4 trash complaints, and 15 warrants served.

The council members congratulated the Police Dept. for their drug arrest approximately two weeks prior that seized over 3 pounds of Methamphetamine, possible Fentanyl, and Marijuana.

City Attorney Brian Pack reviewed several Policy and Procedure updates from the Kentucky League of Cities for the police department. Pack stated, “These policies do an excellent job, not only on searches, but they’re also on other issues. I thought they were very well written.”

Fire Chief Jerry Clemmons reported that in April the Fire Department made 8 medical runs, 4 lift assist runs, 1 accident with injury run, and 1 public service run, for a total of 14 responses.

The Kentucky Fire Commission completed an internal audit of the Edmonton-Metcalfe Fire Department and reported good results.

There was no other business presented.


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