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Final Farewell

By T.J. Morgan, Freelance Sports Writer

For five Hornets, their high school baseball career will end this season. While some of those five may have already experienced a senior night in football or basketball; baseball, being a spring sport, will be their last stop on the senior night circuit. For five seniors, their experiences with their teammates on the field, court, and diamond will end this season.

Metcalfe would roll out the red carpet for the seniors this year in their pregame presentation in front of a pack Hornet crowd. After receiving their senior gift from Coach Daniel, the boys would be welcomed to the field by the Metcalfe’s showstoppers dance team. Before first pitch, senior baseball player and band member, Aiden Grindle, would present the national anthem on his saxophone.

Senior Aiden Grindle playing the national anthem before the game on senior night.
Photo by Allyson Dix, JPI

Senior Kevin Graham would take the mound for the Hornets, supported by Aiden at first, and seniors Jake Love and Jax Allen in the outfield. Jax Allen would rack up several web gems patrolling center against the Scotties, but the lone Hornet hit would come from the bat of Senior Slugger Cole Shive. Metcalfe would ultimately get shutout, 0-11.

While, in honesty, Aiden, Cole, Kevin, Jake, and Jax will finish their careers in a rebuilding year, these young men should hold their head high, as they have been cornerstones of the Hornet lineup for most of their high school career. They have not only played a crucial role this season in bringing along all the young talent that encompasses the Hornet roster, but they have put together impressive moments, games, seasons, and careers for the Metcalfe history book.


Jake Love
Parents: Anita Love and the late Mark Love
Photo by Allyson Dix, JPI     

Kevin Graham
Parents: Jennifer Darnell and Kenneth Graham
Photo by Allyson Dix, JPI


Cole Shive 
Parents: April and Joey Shive
Photo by Allyson Dix, JPI

Jax Allen       Parents: Tammy and John Allen.      Photo by Allyson Dix, JPI


Aidan Grindle
Parents: Melody and Brian Baker 
Photo by Allyson Dix, JPI

From left, Metcalfe County Baseball Head Coach Daniel Garrett, Aiden Grindle, Jax Allen, Cole Shive, Kevin Graham, Jake Love, and Assistant Coach Ryan Clemmons.    Photo by Allyson Dix, JPI

The Showstoppers, led by Jessica Tucker, performed before the game on senior night. Pictured from left, Ollie Branstetter, Haisley Miles, Lily London, and Peyton Brown. Photo by Allyson Dix, JPI

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