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Fees waived! – Calling all vendors, artisans, craftsmen, Scottish Clan Reps!


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If you have wares to sell or stories to tell – especially if they connect, even remotely, to Scottish Gaelic culture – we want YOU to man a booth at Fèill nan Gàidheal / Festival of the Gaels!

Fèill nan Gàidheal is the exhibitors’ fair that will take place from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 17th at Yancey’s Courtyard off the Glasgow Square as part of Grigne Gàidhlig Ghlaschu / The Glasgow Gaelic Gathering.

As part of the Gaelic Gathering, Scottish Gaelic language and culture classes will be running all day inside Yancey’s Ballroom, as previously mentioned, but we’d also like there to be an open-air market in the Courtyard at the same time – and we can’t have a market without merchants!

If you are a Scottish-themed vendor or Scottish clan representative who used to participate in the Glasgow Highland Games, then this is a chance both to re-live the good old days and get geared up for the planned resurgence of the Games in years to come.

If you’re a vendor who never participated in the old Highland Games, or whose business or organization isn’t Scottish Gaelic themed, don’t worry: bidh fàilte chridheil oirbh, co-dhiù! (You’ll get a warm welcome, just the same!)

Registration as a fair exhibitor was originally slated to cost just $50 for the whole day, but that fee has now been waived! That means you can exhibit at Grigne Gàidhlig Ghlaschu’s Fèill nan Gàidheal for absolutely FREE! (Although participating in any of the language and culture classes or workshops will still cost $20 per person per event, or $50 to attend all events.)

To register, all you have to do is send us an email at giving us your name, a name and description of your organization, and what sort of merchandise (if any) you plan to sell at Fèill nan Gàidheal.

Bidh sinn a’ dèanamh fiughair ri cluinntinn bhuaibh! (We look forward to hearing from you!)


Vendors, artisans, merchants, and more can apply to set up in the open-air market slated for June alongside Grigne Gàidhlig Ghlaschu / The Glasgow Gaelic Gathering. Photo/stock image.

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