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We are done!

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


Once again, the South Industrial Park and the PS&C Project were the main discussions at the April 17th meeting of the Edmonton Metcalfe Industrial Development Authority (IDEA). Member Matt Gallagher was unable to attend and member Donna Caffee was present by phone.

Referring to the Pennington Stave & Cooperage Project Chairman Wes Jolly said, “This will probably be the last construction update, in that we are done!”

Hearing that statement brought an exclamation of “Yay” mirrored by the other members.

Jolly stated, “We actually got signed off this last week, the Certificate of Substantial Completion contract that was necessary for BRADDs purposes. That was signed off on by the architect, by the contractor, and also by the judge. So that will allow then, Emily with BRADD to go and apply the last parts of these grants to the payments.”

An update on the BRADD loan was also given by Jolly. The BRADD Board meeting is scheduled for April 26th and the loan is expected to receive the final approval.

Jolly relayed that he and Chad Pennington met with the contractor, the subcontractors, and the state Building Code Enforcement on April 4th. After explaining that Pennington needed to use the building for administrative purposes only, a temporary 60-day Certificate of Occupancy was issued. This allows Pennington to begin interviewing applicants.

The Promissory Note for the business has been sent to the PS&C lawyer. The note is for $1,479,259.58 which includes all cost overruns. Once completed, PS&C will begin making payments of $10,942 per month.

Meanwhile, Engineers are working to get the inspection issue cleared. Once that is out of the way, the final inspection can take place and the actual Certificate of Occupancy can be issued.

The company that built the dust collection system, Donaldson Torit has found the reason for the cyclone failure during equipment testing. The pressure was set much too high causing a vacuum and damage to the cyclone. However, the dust collection system is safe to use in production and the company still has plans to replace it.

The previous minutes and the finance report were approved. The next meeting is scheduled for May 15, 2023, at 2 p.m. at the Edmonton City Hall.


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