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Cancer survivor shares his story of survival to inspire others

Book cover courtesy of Archway Publishing

By Ziggy Goldfarb

Lavidge Sr. Publicist


A cancer diagnosis can mean extreme surgeries, difficult treatments, and many ups and downs that also affect loved ones. Staying mentally strong, even as the physical body is going through so much, can be a difficult struggle.

Not ME, Cancer” shares local Edmonton author William S. Laird’s journey from the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis to the trials and tribulations that followed, and Laird’s survival that “broke all the rules.” Along the way, he reveals what worked best for him, and encourages others to ready themselves, through mental, physical, and spiritual conditioning. His faith helped him through the pain he experienced and gave him the drive to continue the fight.

“The goal of this book is to provide hope and a roadmap to those who have been devastated by a cancer diagnosis, or other diseases where survival is at risk;” said Laird, “to provide an example of keeping your mind in the right place, pushing to physical extremes, but also providing insight on maintaining spiritual faith in God’s ability to see you through even the largest challenges you have to face.”

Laird was first diagnosed with appendiceal cancer in 2015. After his first surgery, his surgeon told him he was “clear.” In 2017, the cancer came back, even worse. Since then, he has endured a series of radiation and over 30 rounds of chemotherapy infusions, along with surgical abdominal debulking with Intraperitoneal Hypothermic Chemotherapy (HIPEC), one of the most extreme and painful surgical procedures known as the ‘Mother of all Surgeries’.

Author and cancer survivor William S. Laird.

“Life is full of experiences that are often good, but sometimes difficult,” said Laird. “By learning through the difficult times, I may be able to offer hope and guidance to others that may not be able to on their own.”

At the time of the publication William S. Laird is thriving, despite years of ongoing cancer treatments. He continues to provide leadership to a manufacturing operation that has grown each year. In his off time, he believes in the simplicity of life and resides on his farm in Edmonton, KY with his wife Victoria, and their pets and farm animals.

The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, and Booktopia in hardcover, paperback, and eBook form.


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