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“Life changing” trip to Jerusalem for local musician

Baptisms on the Jordan River. Photo submitted

By Chelene Nightingale

Reporter, Barren Co. Progress


Justin Meredith, also known as Justin Cole professionally, was gifted an opportunity to visit Jerusalem and traveled with a pastor friend from Grayson County. “We were originally scheduled to travel back in 2020, but COVID happened, so our trip was delayed until a few weeks ago,” Cole said.

The local musician shared a few photographs with the Barren County Progress. “The trip was a life-changing experience.”  He said visiting the land where Jesus walked made him want to read the Bible again, but with knowledge of logistics. “Now when I read about the locations in scripture, I can visualize the area which gives me a new perspective,” he said.

Cole leads the worship arts team at Immanuel Baptist Church in Glasgow and he shared with BCP that the experience was humbling.

Cole said upon arrival, a familiar feeling came over them, especially while visiting sites outside of the city. “The Sea of Galilee felt like home,” he said, “Perhaps from reading the Bible but the region felt like home.”

Although Israel finally re-opened up for tourism, Israel’s leading labor union, Histadrut, launched a nationwide strike. On Monday, March 27, over 90,000 tourists were stranded since the Ben Gurion Airport was closed; however, the labor union called off the strike after the prime minister paused a controversial judicial overhaul. According to tourism reports, flights are full and organized tours booked at record numbers. Millions are expected to celebrate Holy Week in Israel.

Holy Week started Sunday, April 2, with Palm Sunday and will end on Easter Sunday, April 9. Palm Sunday represents Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the tomb on the third day after His crucifixion fulfilling prophecy. Many local Barren County churches are hosting various events throughout the week including Good Friday services and Easter Egg Hunts for children.

Visiting the Tomb believed to be where Jesus was buried but resurrected on the third day. Photo submitted

Beit She’an, Israel is alleged to be one of the oldest cities in the region. This is the ruins of an ancient Roman City. Photo submitted

Justin (Cole) Meredith in the Dead Sea. Photo Submitted

Quanam Caves in the Judaean Desert. The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in this area. Photo submitted

The Southern Stairs to the Temple also known as the Rabbi Stairs since the Jewish leaders would give instruction at this location. Many believe the stones remain from the days when Jesus walked on them. Photo submitted

Justin Cole singing “It is Well” on the Sea of Galilee.

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